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Entering Healthcare As A Certified Nursing Assistant

A certified nursing assistant works one on one with patients and is right on the ground floor of promoting patient safety and dignified patient care. Most CNA jobs require their personnel to perform all non-invasive procedures such as washing and […]

How to Get the Best Sleep after coming off a Night Shift


5 Ways To Pay Back Sleep Debt After Coming Off Night Shift!

Maintaining a proper sense of wellbeing and balance is one of the toughest challenges for a nurse. With night shifts playing such a strong toll on your health, it is crucial to give proper attention to the quality of your […]

Florida Catches Zika What Nurses Need to Know about This Dangerous Virus
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Florida Catches Zika: What Nurses Need To Know About This Dangerous Virus

  The recent Zika outbreak in Florida has got everybody across the country talking about the dangerous virus.   The virus has firstly been identified in 2007 in the Yap Island, but it had only become a real concern when […]

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Back Pain? Try These 4 Things

Between lifting patients, constantly standing on their feet and rushing from room to room, nurses experience intense physical demand on the job. In fact, according to 2015 statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing ranks as one of […]

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When you’ve gotta work on Halloween…a nurse’s feelings in memes

So you pulled the proverbial “short straw” and you’re feeling like you got a bit of a raw deal. Allow us to offer you an alternative outlook.

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What Happens when you stop taking HIV Medications?

What Happens to a Patient Who Suddenly Stops Taking HIV Medications? The medications used to control HIV help the body to produce and retain the white blood cells necessary to fight infection. Once a patient stops that medication, the virus […]



9 Photos To Make You Howl Like A Nurse On Night Shift

TRYING TO FINISH CHARTING BEFORE THE ONCOMING NURSE SHOWS UP!     2.     3.   4.   Go to page 2 to continue laughing!

compassionate care
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What Is Compassionate Care Really?

“Compassionate care…is not simplistically about taking away another person’s pain or suffering, but is about entering into that person’s experience so as to share their burden in solidarity with them; hence enabling them to retain their independence and dignity (Kret 2011).” […]