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Bitch Nurse


How To Be That B*tch Nurse. A Step by Step Guide!

Us Nurses are well known for our temperament. We know our sh*t and we won’t let anything slide. Try to throw us under the bus, or even spell HIPAA wrong and we’ll destroy you. 50% of us are supportive and […]

In the US, Life Expectancy Has Dropped. Why
Nurse News and Opinion


Life Expectancy Has Dropped In The US. Why?

For decades, the life expectancy of the average person in the United States has been steadily increasing. In 1930, the average American could expect to live to almost 60 years of age. By 1980, the number had risen to 73.7. […]

Medical School and Mental Health_ Depression Among Doctors


Medical School and Mental Health: Depression Among Doctors

A recent meta-analysis and systematic review of the literature from JAMA revealed that medical students were at unusually high risk of suicide, depressive ideations, and other related mood disorder issues. They also discovered that a full 11% of medical students […]

Pediatric Codes_ What Nurses Need to Know
Career Advice for Nurses


Pediatric Codes: What Nurses Need to Know

If you’re a nurse working in emergency medicine, you will inevitably encounter at least one pediatric code. They’re scary, and sadly, the prognosis isn’t always good for those patients. Delays in providing basic ABCs — airway, breathing, and circulation — […]

Entering the Working World - Challenges in Transitioning from Grad School into Practice


Entering The Working World: Challenges In Transitioning From School Into Practice

First of all, congratulations. You did it! You made it through the rigors of grad school, and now, you’re ready to go into practice as a nurse. That’s a huge achievement, and you should be incredibly proud of that. Transitioning […]

Nursing Abroad_ Becoming an International Nurse


Nursing Abroad: Becoming An International Nurse

Even if you got your degree in the US, it’s not necessarily the only country where you can practice medicine. You can actually find nursing positions in other countries, giving you a great opportunity to travel. The skills and education […]

The Zodiac for Nurses_ Your Horoscope for 2017
Fun & Humor


The Zodiac For Nurses: Your Horoscope For 2017

As nurses, our education and training is in the biological sciences and in medical practice. This, of course, revolves around empirical reasoning and evidence-based practice. But despite our scientific mindsets, some of us have a guilty pleasure for reading our […]

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Gifts for Nurses


Gifts: The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Nurses

BuddhiBox Yoga Lifestyle Box Editor’s Pick Surprise your yogi valentine with a care package filled with deluxe samples and full-size yoga products that will inspire their yoga lifestyle on and off the mat! BuddhiBox is a must-have for any yoga […]