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pH Levels in the Human Body.What are they- (1)
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pH Levels in the Human Body – What Are They?

Would You Recognize the Signs of Acidosis in Your Patients? The state of your patient’s blood is at the center of their health. As blood runs through veins, arteries and capillaries, it is dropping off oxygen to feed cells, and […]

It's been a long day at the hospital
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Combative Psych Patients

For nurses who work in mental health facilities, having to deal with a combative patient could be an everyday event. Learning how to recognize a potentially volatile situation is just one of the many special skills you must learn to […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: 20 Doctors And Nurses Who Shaped The World

All the way from Hippocrates to the 21st century, here are 20 doctors and nurses whose lives and accomplishments have had far-reaching effects.

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What A Tobacco Treatment Course Taught Me About Opioid Abuse

Today concluded over 35 hours of training in the Mayo Clinic Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification (Oh, yeah, these thoughts are my own and in no way reflective of the course). While in this course, my peers (including a variety of professionals: dentists, pharmacists, […]

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Patients Can Say The Darnedest Things

As nurses, we get to work with and care for patients everyday. Some days we hear some VERY interesting things come out of their mouths! With some help from our fantastic Facebook community, we’ve compiled some anecdotes that are sure to […]

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This Thing We Call “Nursing”

It seems to me a bit odd to be authoring my personal philosophy on what nursing is and is not as a student for readers who all have a great deal more knowledge, wisdom, and experience in this wonderful field of ours, but […]



Will Understanding EKG Blocks Help Your Nursing Career?

After the stethoscope, an electrocardiogram (EKG) is the most powerful tool a nurse has for knowing what is going on with a patient’s heart. Understanding how the heart works and what an EKG is measuring is your first step towards […]