How We Need To Prepare For Natural Disasters
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How We Need To Prepare For Natural Disasters

With all the natural disasters that have struck the U.S. in recent weeks, from Hurricane Harvey and Irma to the wildfires that raged across many western states, it seems as good a time as any to discuss disaster preparedness. Fortunately, […]

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Do TV Programs Like ‘13 Reasons Why’ Impact Suicide Awareness?

Sept. 10, 2017, was World Suicide Prevention Day and marked the beginning of National Suicide Prevention Week. During this annual campaign, state officials and healthcare professionals educate the public about suicide warning signs and prevention in an effort to bring […]

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Keeping Babies Safe With Newborn Screening Awareness Month

Did you know that September is Newborn Screening Awareness Month? Throughout the month, parents, healthcare providers, organizations, and government officials will be busy raising awareness about the importance of newborn screening, something that has saved numerous lives over the years. […]

Hurricane Irma From The Front Lines The Florida Nurse's Story
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Hurricane Irma From The Front Lines: The Florida Nurse’s Story

I am 24-years old, and have lived in the Tampa Bay area my entire life. I have endured multiple hurricanes throughout the years, but none were as catastrophic and fearsome as Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma was a category 5 hurricane, […]

Why Are Prescription Drugs in the US So Expensive
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Honoring Recovering Addicts During National Recovery Month

Have you heard? September is National Recovery Month. Millions of people around the world are recovering addicts. During the month of September, we celebrate and honor individuals who took charge of their lives and sought help and treatment for their […]

3 Stories Of Dedicated Nurses Guaranteed To Warm Your Heart
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3 Stories Of Dedicated Nurses Guaranteed To Warm Your Heart

The compassion and dedication of nurses inspire them to go above and beyond when caring for patients. For many nurses, their patients hold a special place in their heart and drive them to work harder every day. The following heartwarming […]

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Preparing For An Active Shooter In A Healthcare Setting

Active shooter incidents throughout the country have prompted individuals and organizations, including hospitals and other healthcare facilities, to consider response plans for an “active shooter”. An “active shooter” is defined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as “an individual […]

Laid Down Smiling Young Female Patient Talking To Nurse In Emergency Room
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Do I Really Want To Be A Nurse?

I think that many of us ask this question to ourselves before making the decision to go to nursing school.I do have some friends that said they knew that they wanted to be a nurse from very early on and […]

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