Doctors Loans – How Medical Practices Get off the Ground

Doctors Loans Have you ever wondered how a Doctor, Cosmetic Surgeon or even a Nurse Practitioner gets their own practice off the ground? The investment can spiral, and open up a whole new world of costs that you never thought would […]

Martin Chitwood

Who Is Martin Chitwood?

Learn More About the Extraordinary Life of Martin Chitwood Scrubs Magazine is extremely proud to have Martin Chitwood on staff. Mr. Chitwood has made a name for himself as one of the most prominent and successful securities lawyers in the […]

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Career Advice for Nurses

4 Social Tools that are Changing the Game in Healthcare

It’s 2018, and there’s no shortage of tech products to help better our day to day lives. From scheduling apps, reminders and lifestyle based solutions. But what about those making a difference in healthcare? Software that is helping bridge the […]

The 10 best hairstyles for nurses
Beauty & Style

The 10 best hairstyles for nurses

Steal these 10 styles to look and feel great on the job!

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Nurse News and Opinion

Sticker Shock Jolts Oklahoma Patient: $15,076 For Four Tiny Screws

Liz Szabo, Kaiser Health News About three years ago, she began to experience sharp pain in her left foot. Her big toe had become crooked and constantly rubbed up against the adjacent toe, making it painful to run, walk or […]

Nurse News and Opinion

Lethal Workouts: CrossFit

CrossFit is a popular fitness program that combines rigorous plyometrics, Olympic-style and power-style weight lifting, speed training, gymnastics, body weight exercises, and endurance exercises to target all the major components of physical fitness. While CrossFit has made headlines as an […]

Nurses Week 2018

Call of Duty: 5 Reasons To Man Up and Be A Nurse

We don’t just need more male nurses. We need more nurses, period. Last year, the Journal of Advanced Practice Nursing conducted a survey among 53,000 Registered Nurses in Illinois. One-third of the nurses over the age of 55 intended to […]

Gloria Williams
Nurse News and Opinion

Fraud Nurse Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping Baby

A 52-year old woman from South Carolina has pleaded guilty to charges of kidnapping and interference with custody, almost two decades after allegedly posing as a hospital nurse and taking a newborn girl in 1998. Gloria Williams allegedly took Kamiyah […]

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