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Nurse to know: 5 inspiring Instagram pics from Nurse Nacole

Nacole caught our attention by being inspirational, insightful and hilarious on social media. Check out some of her best Instagram pics here!

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3 big lessons I learned when my patient almost fell

The patient was doing awesome. It was time to get him out of that darn critical care bed and in a chair. Here’s what happened when he almost fell.

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Fun & Humor


Nurse to know: 4 Instagram finds from Nurse Mendoza!

Nurse Mendoza is a strong voice for the male nurse population and our newest Nurseonality. Check out his inspiring Instagram pics here (and follow him if you don’t already!).

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5 Pins nurses are loving on Pinterest

We’ve handpicked five amazing Pins that nurses are talking about and need to be added to your Nurse Board right this second.

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Nurse Salary Tips and Articles


The best and worst states to be an RN: 2015 edition

Check out the following data on what the nursing industry is like in different areas across the country, including salary, cost of living and more.

Katie Duke Taking Care of Yourself
Katie Duke


“You have to be the best you to deliver the best care for patients”

Next time you’re feeling burned out on the job, take a moment to reflect on this unusual but powerful metaphor.