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Top Tips for How Veterinary Practices can use Social Media

Whether you love or hate social media, it has become almost impossible not to have some kind of relationship with it. While some avoid it like the plague, for others it has become an addiction, posting everything from their breakfast […]

Nurse News and Opinion

Understaffing: A Life or Death Problem

The notion that there is a relationship between nurse and patient satisfaction makes sense. As a nurse, you work longer shifts than just about any other professional on the planet. If you work a long shift in poor conditions with […]

Student Nurses Guide

Student Nurses Guide

So, you’re considering becoming a nurse – or you’ve already decided – and now you’re panicking because it sounds hard. Well, good. That means you care. You’re right, it is hard work – but shouldn’t it be? You’re training and […]


Opioids Do Not Work Better Than Other Meds

A few years ago, Renea Molden’s doctors told her they wanted to take her off her opioid pills. It did not sound like good idea to her. “I was mad, I’ll be honest. I was mad. I was frustrated,” said […]


The 10 most influential female nurses of all time

While you may immediately think of Florence Nightingale, can you name nine others who touched not just patients, but people throughout the world?

Traveling Nurse

10 steps to become a travel nurse

Have you met a travel nurse in your unit? If so, you might have heard their stories of adventure, traveling, fun and wondered how you can become a travel nurse. The good news, is any nurse can become a travel […]

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Career Advice for Nurses

An Interview with Jay Feldman

When Jay Feldman learned of the recent shooting attacks at his former high school, it sent shockwaves through his system. Here, we sit down with Jay and discuss how a tragedy like this can affect one’s emotional state, even across […]