10 more lines you never want to hear on the job again

Stockbyte | Wendy Hope

Stockbyte | Wendy Hope

Aunt Agatha gave us five lines she never wants to hear on the job again, and of course we were curious what your most hated lines are. As we often do, we asked you directly on our Funny Nurses Facebook page and got some great responses!

You can read 10 of them below, and also be sure to leave your own in the comments below if you don’t see it here!

“Wow, it’s so quiet.”
—Siobhan Legge

“The one I hate most is ‘My (insert random family member) is a nurse and I asked her and she said…'”
—Christina Snyder

“You all need to hire more staff. Like we can control that! Maybe you need a personal sitter to handle your every whim!!!”
—Amy K. Hicks

“‘No one else has trouble getting an IV started.’ Amazing, since they weigh 400 pounds and are 5 feet tall. Or they have little to work with since they have used up their veins for drugs.”
—Patricia Field

“‘HEY NURSE’ is another phrase I can’t stand to hear. Also, ‘You’re a nurse….’ That usually means that person is going to tell you or show you something disgusting.”
—Brenda Anne Watkins

“My pain is a 15 out of 10.”
—Dena Stroomer Jensen

“I get my pain meds every 4 hours.”
—Inza Ulm

“You are so smart, you should have become a doctor…”
—Samina Anthony

“Since you are here……”
—Tricia Cunningham

“That’s not my patient!”
—Kathryn Gammell

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3 Responses to 10 more lines you never want to hear on the job again

  1. tiarah310

    Holy crap. The ‘I get my pain med every 4 hours’ isn’t something to complain about. I’ve had 6 bowel resection and 1 reversal and I had complications with every one of them but the last one. And that pain medicine does NOT take away all of the pain, and it doesn’t last the whole 4 hours. And it’s dilauded. Go ahead, say I’m a drug seeker. I know I’m not. But I know I’m in pain, and I HATE knowing nurses like her judge me for asking for pain medicine. I had less than 10 percent chance of living, I’ve spent over 7 months in the hospital. Please, go through what I did, and not ask for your pain medicine when it’s due.

    Also, saying that a person has used up all of their veins for drugs is such a repulsive statement. Remember those 7 months in the hospital I mentioned? Well, I had a picc line, but they weren’t able to take blood from it because I was on tpn and heparin. So, every morning around 2 am I had a phlebotomist come and poke my arms multiple times. And the fishing around that everyone loves to do, hurts and makes your veins even worse. I’ve never taken drugs. I’ve had prescription medication, but I’ve never once abused it, and I would never consider it.

    Some of these nurses are very judgemental. Go ahead and say that you hate when people say no one but you has a problem getting the iv first try, but don’t assume it’s because they’re on drugs. I have scars on my arms from people taking blood every 4 hours for 5 of those 7 months. So, maybe I do look like a druggie. But you don’t know everyone’s story. This just makes you look bad, and I’d hate to be your patient. I’m so grateful my surgeon will put the nurses in their place when they get out of line like this.

    HOWEVER! Most of these are very true, and very funny. I love most of the content on this page, but it’s so eye opening to see what some of you think. I’m hoping to specialize as an ostomy/wocn nurse. And I will never judge people the way you are.

    • CAJ50

      I am with u tiarah310! They think they have u figured out in 5 min. If u want pain meds they will say, she’s not hurting she just wants her drugs. I have been to Tahlequah ER some, I might say average over the years 3x a yr. Brixey is my Dr. and I can’t ever get in so ER I go. Get this…I HAVE BEEN RED FLAGGED. Called frequent flier! I have real medical needs and now I am to embarrassed to go to TAHLEQUAH CITY HOSPITAL!!!! Last time I was there with bleeding ulcer I never got to see a dr. Got there at 7pm and I finally left at 9AM. No DR, NO NURSE<gave me 2 tums. I get mad evertime I think about it!!

  2. debz

    The line I never wanted to hear was “They’re not my patient!” I just start fuming when I hear that line! We all work in the same field of “taking care of people”, All patients regardless if assigned to you or not is all staff’s responsibility!!