10 more of the worst orders you’ve ever read!

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Let’s face it—sometimes doctors just aren’t paying attention when they write their orders! We asked our Facebook fans for the worst orders they’ve ever read, and the results were so hilarious, we had to do it again! Read on for 10 more of the worst orders you’ve ever read and be ready to LOL!


1. “Buy her diet cookies” with the phone number of cookies retailer….
—Sophie Demers-King

2. From a surgeon who didn’t want to be awakened at night: “Do the right thing.”
—Kathryn Dickinson Breinholt

3. “Undress patient. Put in room.” So I’m supposed to undress the patient in the waiting room with no gown and THEN put him in a room?!?
—Catherine Cotroneo

4. “2 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups QHS as needed.”
—Sarah Russett

5. “Show whoever put this chart together how to do it properly.”
—Allyson Sambach Velovich ‎

6. “Find patient STAT!” (I’m serious—this is an order from our ER physician if the patient is not in the room when he walks in to see the patient!)
—Leslie Bella

7. “Do not disturb patient while masturbating—for the safety of all!”
—Shawna Mcmenamin

8. From an intern who blindly checked every box of the admitting orders: “Urine pregnancy test” (on a teenage male).
—Gladys Pico-Vielma

9. I worked on an adolescent chemical dependency unit, and one of the kids was being quite challenging that morning when the doc was there making rounds. He wrote an order for that teen to have only bread and water for 24 hours, and if behavior improved, may have general diet.
—Paula Hendricks Trone

10. “Insert new Foley—remove old one first.” Duh!
—Jennifer Golden Swift

What’s the worst order you’ve ever read?

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4 Responses to 10 more of the worst orders you’ve ever read!

  1. RCRN

    Physician could not find pt’s lab results on the chart wrote on the order sheet “Where the hell are my labs?”.

  2. Cthompson

    A resident wrote an order “apply SCD hose” on a bilateral amputee.

  3. Wlk4life

    We had an elderly female patient who was not eating,so the doctor wrote an order for vanilla canollis(mot sure of spelling). We are in southwest Kansas not someplace that might have heard of it. Luckily a new pizza place just opened up so the nurses went and bought her some. She ate one and refused anymore, they were really good.

  4. fyrdawg589 RN

    It’s a tossup between:

    Patient may keep home meds at bedside and self administer as patient deems appropriate

    Obtain written consent for [specific procedure] and any other procedures deemed appropriate after start of case