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10 more things that will surely happen JUST before shift change

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Sean Dent put together a fantastic list of 10 things that always happen five minutes before the end of every shift. As he points out, you may know this time at the end of your shift as “the witching hour.”

But we wanted to hear your stories of shift change, so we went to our Funny Nurses Facebook page to find out. As usual, we got some fantastic answers. Read 10 of them below and be sure to leave your own in the comments!

“Who actually gets out on time?”
Sonja O.

“Admission, fresh post-op, pull catheter out, and the list goes on. LOL.”
Mitch W.

“I did well with shift change, EXCEPT when my relief was late. I was NEVER late for work (it’s a Guin thing), and to me, the rudest thing a relieving nurse can do is show up late. It’s total lack of respect for your coworkers.”
Pat G.

“Finger painting with feces.”
Brandi A.

“Toward the end of my shift, I patrol the halls like a prison guard…actually I do that all day long, so hopefully I can stop someone from doing something that’ll make them fall!”
Shannon C.

“Admission, code, admission that codes, extubation, intubation…and the realization that you haven’t peed in 12 hours…”
Rosemary A.

“Stat C-section 10 minutes before the worst shift of your life is over.”
Sue P.

“One of ‘those’ doctors will come in and insist you accompany him to see each one of his patients.”
Darla R.

“Never tell your patients when your shift ends!! It’s like they plot against you leaving!!”
Claudia G.

“Then there is that rare occurrence when you’re totally exhausted, totally spent, at the end of your rope, when someone walks up to you and tells you that you are the reason why he/she is alive today!”
Richard S.

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14 Responses to 10 more things that will surely happen JUST before shift change

  1. Starbaby

    A surgeon who insists his case is a life threatening emergency, has to go NOW…..and you find the patient has been in the ED all day waiting on him.


    Hypoglycemic emergency and a wound vac that decides to spring a leak even though it had been running perfectly all shift

  3. hotrod41

    fire drill.

  4. okuboRN

    PA system goes off, “ATTENTION PLEASE, ATTENTION, CODE BLUE, CODE BLUE” or you walk out of the ER doors and an ambulance with sirens blaring pulls up and you are the first on the scene, and I love it!!!!!!

  5. heartfelt7

    I had no idea this website was here. Glad I found it. I’ve been an LPN for 16 years. Specialize in ventilator and trachs. I do home care. Have extensive background with geriatrics. I dip and dab with per diem jobs. OASIS, drug and alcohol addiction. I have so many stories, where do I begin. I know it’s not funny when a g_tube splatters all over you.

  6. NurseW

    Just this week I walk in to do bedside change of shift report and patient has blood EVERYWHERE. At first it actually looked like he was bleeding from his rectum and that really freaked me out, but upon further investigation, the IV cap popped off. I had to change linens, clean the patient up, and start a new IV (Thank goodness I got it in the first stick!). I got out of there an hour late. My replacement told me, “this is why you do rounding right before change of shift.” My response, “I just hung an IV antibiotic 15 minutes prior, I DID round on him I SWEAR!!!”

  7. ICURNfor24years

    Dr. will come in and rip off the dressing that took you half an hour to do right before you are about to give report.

  8. ICURNfor24years

    Or Dr wants to “try” to ween a patient from the vent at 6:50 am. Gotta love that one!!!

  9. ssolilrose

    Pat G. That is my biggest pet peeve. I am always early, and expect my relief to at least be on time.

  10. Rntransplant

    Your post-op patient comes up back to the floor. So now it’s time for a full head to toe assessment, pain meds, and making sure the patient is stable. This will always make you late.

  11. Cathereen Grace

    someone fall before end of shiift:/

  12. rebzim51

    Code Brown…..

  13. Jessica DeLeon

    Your patient has a loose, watery BM that goes clear to the ankles and the patient is in isolation.

  14. CaseyAreIn

    I was working ER one night. This person was about 68 was having cardiac problems and needed a Central Line placed. After messing around with it for a few minutes, the Doctor turned to me and another nurse and asked the dreaded question, ” Do either of you nurses know how to work this thing and put it in.” In shock, we replied for him to seek assistance from another Doctor with more training. So much for the Desert Springs flowing that year. LOL, sad but true