10 Sure Signs You’re a Nurse

We can all relate to each other, but perhaps not as much as these 10 sure signs that you’re a nurse. Did we miss any?

1. You look at everyone’s veins. Especially at the Checkout aisle.

2. Talking about poop while eating dinner doesn’t faze you.


3. Washing your hands BEFORE using the bathroom!

4. The ability to hold your pee in for HOURS.

5. You knock on any door before entering. Including those in your own house.

6. Trying to spot illnesses in the general public.

7. When you hear a noise, you think someone has fallen.

8. You use the ER as a last minute gift wrapping station during the Holidays.

9. Coffee.

10. You use medical terminology when describing a medical issue to your friend. And they stare at you blankly.

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