12 home remedies that need to be, well, remedied

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As a medical professional, you’ve probably found that non-nurse folk love to run their home remedies, lesser-known quick fixes and rogue therapeutic advice by you. Heck, we know of people rubbing toothpaste all over their faces or worse, trying homemade charcoal face masks.

Not surprisingly, many of these tips and tricks hover somewhere between terrifying and completely bizarre. So, obviously, we asked you to share all of them via our Funny Nurses Facebook page.

Check out the “cures” some of your fellow nurses have caught wind of—you may even think differently about that whole “nursing school” thing by the time you hit #12.

1. “Use Lysol as a monthly vaginal cleaning (told to me by an 89-year-old).” —Pamela G.

2. “Quitting smoking while you are pregnant will kill the baby.” —Joshua H.

3. “When my 17-year-old daughter was suffering from panic attacks, I was told to give her magic mushrooms…” —Lisa B. 

4. “First morning urine will cure acne.” —Tori S.

5. “A pregnant patient’s boyfriend told her that sex was how the baby ate, so it had to be done daily (this was told me to me by another nurse and I laugh every time I think about it).” —Jennifer S. 

6. “Breast milk can cure eye an infection…” —Nancy G.

7. “Letting a dog lick your wound will heal it.” —Evelyn G.

8. “Blowing cigarette smoke in the ear will cure an ear infection.” —Wendy R.

9. “A patient on Warfarin carried a small jar of cayenne pepper around because they had been told it would stop all bleeding if they cut themselves (ouch). I’m assuming that they intended to pour it on the wound!” —Nicki M. 

10. “A woman who has a C-section cannot get her hair wet for a month, either in the rain or the shower. Her grandmother told her this…lol!” —Amanda T.

11. “Rinsing your hair with vodka can cure a headache.” —Brittany N. 

12. “Peanut butter as birth control…inserted into vagina. The brilliant patient who tried it developed a wicked infection, which I guess would prevent pregnancy, lol.” —Anita B.


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7 Responses to 12 home remedies that need to be, well, remedied

  1. Bridgett Myers


    Lysol was advertised as a feminine hygiene product.

  2. clitesrun

    Had a patient tell me she had used warm urine in her ear to get rid of earache…it wasn’t working so she came to the ER

  3. Nancy Wuschke

    My aunt eats a spoonful of Vick vapor to cure chest congestion. I have argued that it’s not for ingestion, but she swears by it!

  4. piggy

    Well…..I agree. Some people have odd ideas….but I must tell on myself. …milk DOES stock baby’s eyes from “matting”….my firstborn had them & I wouldn’t do it…so my grandmother caught my back turned & put milk in her eyes with a cloth& whammo….no more eye matter

  5. Roadwarrior

    Number 9 actually works! Regular pepper does too. Used the regular pepper on myself when I was on Coumadin, Lovinox, and Plavix all at the same time.

  6. GmaGayle

    I have an extensive medical collection. One is magazine ad for the Lysol douche and a bottle with mixing directions!

  7. JUST ME 5739