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12 things your nursing job interviewer is (probably) REALLY thinking

Wish there was a way to know what your interviewer is really thinking when you apply for a new nursing gig?

We think we might have an idea, starting with 12 of the most commonly asked questions.

1. “Why do you want to work in this industry?”

What they’re really thinking:

Are you insane?

2. “Tell us about yourself.”

What they’re really thinking:

We’re sorta hoping you don’t have any family…

or outside interests.

3. “Why are you leaving your current role?”

What they’re really thinking:

You aren’t hoping to get more sleep here, are you?

4. “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

What they’re really thinking:

How much have you got left in ya?

5. “What’s your greatest weakness?”

What they’re really thinking:

Do you even have any? Because I could so not do your job.

6. “What salary are you looking for?”

What they’re really thinking:

We both know it’s not enough—don’t make this weird.

7. “Why should I hire you?”

What they’re really thinking:

Okay, but seriously—how many patients can you handle at one time? Because we’re severely understaffed here.

8. “What is your greatest failure, and what did you learn from it?”

What they’re really thinking:

Please don’t be fatal. Please don’t be fatal.

9. “When were you most satisfied in your job?”

What they’re really thinking:

You’re not too jaded or anything yet, are you?

10. “Describe a time when you did not get along with a nurse.”

What they’re really thinking:

We’ve caught wind of this whole “nurse bullying” nonsense, and we’ll have none of it.

11. “What motivates you?”

What they’re really thinking:

You know—aside from, like, saving lives ‘n’ stuff.

12. “How would your friends describe you?”

What they’re really thinking:

You know, hypothetically—if you were able to actually see them.

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One Response to 12 things your nursing job interviewer is (probably) REALLY thinking

  1. Frank Nelson

    Firstly Nursing is not an industry, we are professionals who provide a level of care for the situation. Our skills and talents are backed up by knowledge gained in university and in clinical settings.
    Secondly I have sat on approximately 200 and more interviews and yes most of the questions are thought, however a format must be followed for equality. When failure is mentioned at interview it is setting the environment for failure.