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19 unexpected times and places an off-duty nurse might sleep

Nurses are always short on sleep. So short, in fact, that “slightly less behind” can sometimes feels like “all caught up.” But it’s not.

Not even close.

So it’s really no wonder that an off-duty nurse is quick to snag a short snooze here or there, even if the circumstances are, well, less than ideal.

For example:

1. At the bus stop.

2. In the living room, five minutes before “date night.”

3. Later, at the restaurant, during “date night.”

4. And finally, once more, at the end of “date night”….

5. When somebody is telling a story, with the exception of the occasional “Oh, that’s nice.”

6. Not at brunch. Because they won’t make it there.

7. While attempting to play with Joe, the cat.

8. While deciding between the pad Thai noodles and the crispy wontons, because the fridge has most definitely not been opened or closed in roughly two weeks.

9. On move-in day.

… That’s box #2.

10. Near the front door, waiting for a ride to the party.

11. And about a quarter of an hour later, en route to the party (they’ll bounce back).

12. Horizontal, while freshly painted nails dry.

13. Thirty minutes past their alarm clock.

14. During sort of important moments.

15. And during other, less important but equally uncomfortable moments, like “so and so’s” brother’s kid’s graduation.

16. In the midst of yoga class.

17. And later, after yoga class, roughly four feet away from bed (What?! Today’s session was no cakewalk).

18. Regrettably, during the season finale of their favorite show (this is their third attempt).

19. And finally—snacking.

And yet!

All it takes is 20 minutes of sleep and three cups of coffee or a person in need to take a nurse from zero to:

Which is really pretty impressive.


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2 Responses to 19 unexpected times and places an off-duty nurse might sleep

  1. Pisces

    I have been known to nap in the doctors surgery or in Xray whilst waiting for the doctor. As long as I can lie down…….


    After working a very busy night shift on too little sleep, I was driving home and while stopped at a traffic light had evidently dozed off. I was suddenly awakened by a policeman banging on my window asking me if I was okay. When I arrived home I was rather embarrassed to see that I had made the morning traffic report.