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5 at-work scrubs stain solutions

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It’s the first half hour of your shift and you have an “uh-oh” moment: Your pen leaked all over your pocket. Or, say, your fresh scrubs have been splattered with (insert fluid here, there’s plenty to choose from)!

The call bell is ringing and you’ve no time to wash and dry. What to do?

Here, five on-your-feet strategies for dealing with stains on your scrubs:

1. Keep an extra pair of scrubs in your car and in your locker. A change of clothes can be a lifesaver “for those unfortunate ‘code browns’ and blood baths (no pun intended),” suggests nurse Sean Dent. “I personally got caught one too many times with my ‘pants down,’ if you know what I mean – ergo the two extra pairs of scrubs!”

2. Ask OR. “A lot of hospitals are empathetic enough that they will sometimes let you borrow OR scrubs if you’re in a bind,” says Dent.

3. Check the hospital’s inventory. “I know our managers have a stash of leftover t-shirts (from previous gifts to staff) that they keep for when our scrubs get ruined,” says peds nurse, Nicole Lehr who works at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. “Then you get a free Children’s T-shirt out of it!”

4. Use festive stickers to cover up those smaller mishaps. Lehr admits this is her favorite solution! Also try covering them up with name badges and name tags.

5. Cover it up with a funny story. For bigger stains, your best bet is to find a spare lab coat to throw over your scrubs. Aside from that? “Sometimes when there is no other option, you just have to live with it and make up some funny story about how your stain got there,” says Lehr.

What’s your best strategy for scrubs stains? And do you have a favorite magic trick that gets stains out of all of your laundry?

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*Source: Journal of Consumer Studies & Home Economics, July 2007



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4 Responses to 5 at-work scrubs stain solutions

  1. Karen Bice

    Every OR nurse knows you use perioxide to clean out a blood stain!!

  2. Sandy Grambow

    Believe it or not betadine stains come out with Crisco solid shortening. Just put a glob of Criso on the stain and wash as usual. ( an old nurse told me this & it works like magic.)

  3. Sandy Grambow

    Believe it or not betadine stains come out with Crisco solid shortening. Just glop on the Crisco over the stain and wash your item as usual and the stain is gone. ( An old nurse told me that and it works like magic! )

  4. Noa Choritz

    I live in Israel where we still wear white scrubs (unless you work in OB/PEDS, and even then, still white pants). Try keeping those stain free. My favorite quick-fix (besides peroxide) is to use surgical tape to cover the stain in question.