5 Instagram accounts nurses should follow

Cameron Thermos
Cameron Thermos

Instagram was invented for four types of pictures: selfies, memes, food and fashion. And what’s more disappointing than having five spare minutes during a shift to scroll through your feed and not seeing a single entertaining photo? So we’ve scoured Instagram to find five of the best users that all nurses should follow to ensure that the scrolling is well worth your time.


  This nurse and student proves that there is always time for a selfie. Her style is on fleek and she is a master of nurse memes. Enjoy. @ww_jb1

Searching for healthy eating ideas that will complement shift life? Look no further than this nightshift ED RN who is shedding for her wedding. Her account documents her meals and healthy lifestyle to inspire the rest of us to skip the vending machine and opt for healthier alternatives.


  Need a little laughter to help you get through your shift? @thatnursebert has the rare gift of describing nurse life perfectly through the art of memes. @fortheloveofscrubs

 “The next generation of scrubs” is here and this user goes #ScrubHunting to find them for us. The consummate shopper at @fortheloveofscrubs will fill your Instagram feed with the scrubs you want, like, yesterday.



This recent nursing school graduate and soon-to-be ER nurse captures the challenges and excitement of entering the nursing profession in a way that only Instagram filters can. Bonus: Her selfie game is on point and she has mastered the inspirational quote post.

What are your must-follow Instagram accounts? Share your favorites below and don’t forget to check out our feed!


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