5 Reasons NOT to Skip Pre-Shift Meetings

3- Collaboration- Because shift huddles typically welcome all working disciplines to participate, discussion can happen between CNA’s, nurses, unit supervisors, reception, interns if possible, social workers, dietary, whomever your unit or division designates as integral to the functional operations of the day. When safety or practice is brought up with regard to policy or particular patients, someone in the group may very well have a potential solution to a hurdle the unit as a group or an individual has been facing. Because all different points of view and areas of expertise are represented, in theory, real problem solving can take place. If you have a tip or trick to share in these moments don’t hesitate, it could be valuable information to someone who’s been struggling for a solution. If the group faces an obstacle unique to one shift, such as short staffing, (which is, of course, NEVER an issue, right?), or a system downtime, this is the perfect place to decide as a unit how to best approach the situation for the most effective outcome, so everyone is on the same page, and nothing, theoretically, is left to chance. Be willing to participate, and offer ideas. This is where stuff gets done. For real.

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