5 Reasons NOT to Skip Pre-Shift Meetings

4- Teamwork: Everyone is probably sick of hearing about teamwork, but, really, it is the absolute lifeblood of an efficient, effective workplace. Trust me when I say NO ONE is performing a code on their own. When it comes to saving lives, none of us can do it alone. An every man for himself attitude is absolutely toxic in this environment, after all, we aren’t competing for a movie role, we’re trying to keep hearts beating and lungs expanding and bowels moving. Gathering with your co-workers before actually working with them lets you assess, on the more obvious level, who is there, and who came dressed for success, who’s hung over, who you might not want helping you hang blood, who’s smiling, who’s constipated. All joking aside, you’re discussing your day together, the work you’re going to do, the challenges you might face, and whether or not you will be ordering take out. When the meeting is over, you’re heading out on to the unit as a united front, ready to face the day. I’m describing a perfect world here, of course, but still. The information, collaboration, and preparation in huddle emphasize personal and group responsibility, and promote teamwork without a doubt.

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