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50+ ways to nurture yourself

Turning the focus inward may feel unnatural to nurses, but it’s time to put a little energy into you! For the Spring 2013 issue of Scrubs, we found more than 50 easy ways to show yourself a little TLC.

20 GUILT-FREE PLEASURES (for $20 or less!)

Throwing a little attention your way doesn’t have to break the bank. Even something as small as a walk in the park or a new lipstick can do the trick.

do yourself a favor

 YOUR COURT The Zen- like calm you get from cleaning out your makeup bag, paring down the clothes in your closet or getting those giveaway toys to Goodwill is, frankly, priceless.

GET A (SOCIAL) LIFE Go to work. Come home. Eat
 dinner. Watch TV. Go to sleep. Repeat. It’s easy to slip into a routine that leaves little room for fun. Time out with the girls—even if it’s just “Let’s meet for coffee”—breaks up the tedium and lets you relax and reconnect with friends.

TAKE A KITCHEN BREAK Most people give themselves limited options whenthey don’t feel like cooking—namely, calling in for pizza or pulling outthe Chinese takeout menu. Another alternative? Ask a few friends if they want to go in on a meal exchange program: Each person takes turns cooking and delivering a simple dinner in one shot.

ENJOY SPECIAL DELIVERY We’re of the mind-set that whatever makes your life easier is always the way to go…whether that means arranging for your milk and meals to be delivered, ordering movies from, renewing your favorite magazine subscription or bagging your beauty basics online. One fun package for
your doorstep: a subscription service
to You get a monthly bounty of the hottest brands—think Burberry and Ole Henriksen—and the joy of dabbling in serious luxury for about $20 a month.


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