6 Stories of False Accusations & The Aftermath


Ms. H, a Nurse from Iowa.

‘I worked in a state ran mental health facility, but I was employed by an agency. There was a man there who repeatedly came to the nurse’s desk when I worked and threw water in my face.

I reported the incident and there were cameras, but he accused me of assaulting him. They investigated and I continued to work during the investigation. This man continued to throw water in my face. The last incident he came to the desk asking for ibuprofen. I tried to give it to him and he would not take it from me. He stood there cussing me and yelling at me in front pf security. I then sat the meds in front of him and he threw the cup of water in my face again.
I called the supervisor and she spoke with him. He tried to give the phone to me but I told him I wasn’t taking it from him and he needed to sit it down and I would pick it up.
I picked it up spoke to the supervisor and she had the nerve to yell at me and call me unprofessional because I refused to take the phone from him. The man bragged about what he did to me and how he got me in trouble. They had him on video scratching his nose and falsely accusing me of doing it.
They fired me they said because I refused to take the phone out of his hand and because I sat the pills down in front of him rather than putting it directly in his hand.’

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Michael Harbron

Michael Harbron is the Editor in Chief of Scrubs Magazine.

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