6 Stories of False Accusations & The Aftermath

Ms R. A Nurse from Indiana:
‘When I was in the nursing home, I was accused of verbal abuse against a resident. I was suspended for 3 days pending investigation per policy.
I remember being so mad about it. I went in for my meeting at the end of the 3 days and was found innocent because they couldn’t prove otherwise because it was against a dementia resident. I told them I wish the allegations were against someone of sound mind so my name would be clear, as clear as it could ever be.
I had my immediate resignation with me as I had no desire to return to work there, and they also had a termination letter for me. When I finally went to the unemployment office a few weeks later there were 4 of us there, who had all been fired because we were accused of abuse but found to be innocent. The office called state about it and they opened an investigation.
It wasn’t until about a year and a half later that I learned who made the allegations but at that time I made peace and moved on. It took me 3 months of sitting at home wondering if I really wanted to be a nurse, this all occurred at my first job.’

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Michael Harbron

Michael Harbron is the Editor in Chief of Scrubs Magazine.

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