6 Stories of False Accusations & The Aftermath

Dean Tong MSc., CFC, D_ABFE and the wrongful Child Sexual Abuse case.
The case-at-bar takes place in Tennessee. The mother accused my client of domestic violence and domestic violence by proxy (where the child – now 5 – witnessed the purported domestic abuse), and finally sexual abuse of the child (daughter). This case arises out of a bitter divorce and custody battle. Mother unilaterally (almost a year ago) absconded with said minor child to my State of Florida where she has escalated her claims of impropriety to both her and the child to sexual abuse.
The negative effects to the father (my client) are obvious and a given – financial devastation as he’s now down $50K or more in legal and expert fees. He was under criminal investigation for alleged sexual assault of his daughter which has now been successfully resolved without any criminal arrest or prosecution whatsoever. But mother secured multiple ex parte injunctions (restraining orders) against him which has cut off his communication/visitation with said daughter over this entire 2017 year. My client is understandably depressed.
The iatrogenic/inimical effects upon the 5 year-old daughter are unimaginable. There are studies on the negative effects to non-abused children who are treated as if they’ve actually been molested. And the child-at-bar is in psychotherapy in Florida being treated as a de facto victim of sex abuse who has not been sexually abused (emphasis added). Sadly, in these cases, when a child or adult experiences a situation where a false belief system has been created, same can metastasize like cancer to false memories and then to false delusions where the child comes to believe the false accusations of sexual impropriety.

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Michael Harbron

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