68-year-old patient attacks nurses with metal pole



A 68-year-old patient in a Minneapolis-area hospital violently attacked four nurses with a metal pole and later died.

The disturbing incident took place at St. John’s Hospital in Maplewood, Minn., according to KARE11. Police have released a security video that caught the terrifying event on camera.

During the attack, the patient ran through the nurses’ station hitting nurses with a metal pole. One nurse suffered a collapsed lung and another fractured her wrist. Other nurses had cuts and bruises.

The cause of the attack is not known; medical staff said that the patient was suffering paranoia.

The patient’s death is still under investigation. After the attack, he fled the building and was found three blocks away by police. Police attempted to use a taser on the man, but after it was ineffective, they wrestled him to the ground and handcuffed him.

It is reported that moments after the patient was handcuffed, he became unresponsive and later died.



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One Response to 68-year-old patient attacks nurses with metal pole

  1. Mindy Carvell

    In “Does a Degree Matter” I noticed that the bachelor’s degree nurses had fewer patients than the non-bachelor’s nurses. It seems like an unfair comparison. Any time you increase patients per nurse your risk of death goes up.