7 signs the Joint Commission is on your unit!

Nurse with coffee on her med cart
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Does your unit suddenly seem much cleaner than usual? Are all the med carts–gasp!–fully stocked for the first time in weeks? Right, the Joint Commission must be on its way!

Which of these signs submitted by our Funny Nurses Facebook fans rings the most true to you?

7 signs the Joint Commission is on your unit

1. I hate when State comes in and people you didn’t even know existed start coming out of the woodwork, passing trays and acting like this is normal for them! The patients are looking like, “Who the heck are you?”

2. The supply rooms and med cart are overly stocked…when just a few days before you could not find a medication cup!

3. “I don’t know the answer to that, but let me show you where to find the answer…”

4. I literally stay in my patient’s rooms the entire time JCAHO is in house. Hidden…safe…doing actual patient care…because they don’t go there. TRUTH.
— Melissa

5. The unit is so clean and organized for those days…and no one can ever find anything!


6. Put the date on the alcohol when you open it. You never know what could grow in there if it’s expired. Bahahahaha!

7. NO coffee on the med carts! HAHA!

Nurses…what would you add to the list?!


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9 Responses to 7 signs the Joint Commission is on your unit!

  1. mumtoakl LPN

    For me, I was suddenly fully staffed instead of “barely legal”

  2. Orthoqueen

    In the OR the sure sign is clean hallways-no equipment or stretchers anywhere!

  3. stufunee

    When a semi-truck pulls up to the back of the hospital to unload all of the old, broken stuff and bring in something new. All of a sudden all of the beds and equipment magically work! Everything is spotless and the managers are actually at work. Then it’s back to the old, malfunctioning stuff.

  4. elcaknu

    Rn’s have less patients.

  5. Elizabeth Martin

    The sharps containers have to have an “opened date” and an “expired date”!

  6. Blair Leslie Henson

    I love when I have it brought to my attention when a comatose, or otherwise non-responsive patient, does not have their call light within reach. I know there have been miracles before but cmon, let’s focus on something important……like staffing :)

  7. ORgodess

    All of the logs are signed, dated and up to date…..but I didn’t even work that day!!!!!!

  8. NurseByDayMomByNight3

    Just a week ago the patient/nurse aide ratio was 10/1 and now all the sudden it’s 6/1! And never seen footag of administration on the floor answering call lights and responding to code browns!!

  9. Ladydiana

    We had to throw out our patients graham crackers in the pantry because they didn’t have an expiration date on them!!