7 tops to layer under your scrubs in the summer

It’s summer and it’s hot outside and the last thing you’re thinking about is layering. But unlike at home, you can’t control the hospital AC, which often keeps the building at near-freezing temps. And so while it may seem nuts to some, you often see nurses bundling up under their scrubs, even in the middle¬†of July. Keep warm at work and then roll up those sleeves on your way home!

Check out our picks for layering during the summer, and be sure to tell us how you keep warm in a chilly hospital in the comments below!

black tee

Long sleeve round neck tee in “Heart to Be Apart”
black tee

Long sleeve round neck tee in “Hot Purr-Suit”
green tee

Long sleeve round neck top in “Let’s Polka Dot Pool Party”

black tee

“Healing Heart” long sleeve knit tee

pink tee

Long sleeve crew neck knit tee in shocking pink

red tee

“Social Butter-Fly” long sleeve tee

white tee

“Little Miss Panda” long sleeve knit tee

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