8 fantasy iPhone apps for nurses

Whenever Apple announces a new iPhone our thoughts immediately go into “what if?” mode. So we created the ultimate iPhone App list. Got more suggestions? Put them in the comments below!

Top 8 Fantasy iPhone Apps for Nurses

8. Yelp!: Zap your patient with your phone using this app to silence noisy needle-phobes.

7. I’mClean: With one free download, your iPhone will squirt hand sanitizer into your palm after everything you do.

6. Teleport-a-Nurse: Beam yourself to your son’s soccer game a nanosecond after your shift is over.

5. Sleepy Nurse: Dock your iPhone on your forehead and let your device do your sleeping for you.

4. Schedule Regulator: When your schedule gets wacky, turn on this app to manipulate space and time to simulate a regular 40-hour week.

3. Nasty Colleague Remote: HotSync your phone to the nastiest colleague in your ward and assign him a happy emotion for the rest of the day.

2. Facebook: Erase the bags under your eyes and give yourself an instant tan with this gallery of beauty fixes.

1. AroundMe: Download this app and track all the nurses within 50 feet who have a free moment to help you.

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    love this!
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