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An Interview with Jay Feldman

When Jay Feldman learned of the recent shooting attacks at his former high school, it sent shockwaves through his system. Here, we sit down with Jay and discuss how a tragedy like this can affect one’s emotional state, even across […]


Is the MultiState License a Good or Bad Thing?

Lauren Bond, a traveling nurse, has held licenses in five states and Washington, D.C. She maintains a detailed spreadsheet to keep track of license fees, expiration dates and the different courses each state requires. The 27-year-old got into travel nursing […]


What comes first? The mental illness or the gun?

It’s hard to begin this article by writing ‘the recent shooting events’. It would make more logical sense to start with ‘the usual monthly event’. After all, we’re the number one country for gun and gun related deaths in the […]


Is Hurricane Harvey Affecting Pregnancies?

Johanna Bick, assistant professor of clinical psychology at the University of Houston, is launching a study of women who were pregnant during Hurricane Harvey, or who became pregnant within six months after, to track the role of stress in neonatal […]


Why Are You Still Holding Her Hand?

“Why are you still holding her hand?” one of my co-workers asked well after the time of death had been called. As I looked down and saw my hand still firmly grasping the frail, lifeless hand of my patient, I […]


I Tried ASMR for One Week. Here’s What Happened.

If you use Instagram, you may have seen various posts of people eating food close to a microphone, in an attempt to ‘find your tingles’, or help you sleep better. ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response was a previously unstudied phenomenon, […]


Violence Against Nurses

#EndNurseAbuse and the American Nurses Association Campaign Violence and abuse against nurses have grown into serious problems in healthcare settings across the country, from hospitals and long-term care facilities to rehab centers and clinics. In addition to physical and mental […]

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Condoms, Norovirus and Curling. Welcome to the 2018 Winter Olympics

The Olympics never fail to stir up some drama, and PyeongChang is serving us all the tasty tidbits in readiness for South Korea’s initiation into the 5 rings on Thursday. The final preparations have all been set into place, the athletes […]