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A Day in the Life of a Night-Shift Nurse’s Spouse/Roommate

Kati Kleber (aka Nurse Eye Roll) knows what it’s like to live among night-shift nurses. In fact, she’s broken a typical day down into fragments that are so accurate, it’s kind of terrifying: 

0830: Your nursey spouse/roommate gets home after their shift.


0832: While you’re trying to eat breakfast, they start telling you about their shift.


0835: They’re fighting to stay awake when you start talking.


0837: Um, yeah. They’re done.


1200: You come home for lunch ever so quietly.


1210: Mid-lunch break, your neighbor starts to mow his lawn and your nurse wakes up.


1212: Now they’re starving and eat the first 12 things they see.


1217: Back to bed!


1700: You get home from work and they’re just waking up, about to make their breakfast/dinner half asleep.


1730: You just got out of your work clothes and they’re headed to work.


0221: They send you 50 text messages about something crazy that just happened at work.


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Kati Kleber BSN, RN

Kati Kleber BSN, RN CCRN is a a nationally certified critical care nurse located in Charlotte, NC. She is the Nurse Advisor and Editorial Director of the #ProtectNurses initiative, and will be guiding the content we curate, create, and share back with you. Kleber, aka Nurse Eyeroll, is a popular blogger, the voice behind the wildly successful #ProTips series, and a frequent speaker on nursing leadership. You can buy her book "Becoming Nursey" at, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other sites. She also has two more books in the works, which will be published by the American Nurses Association and on shelves Feb. 2016!

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