A glutton for caffeinated punishment

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How thirsty are you? How much coffee does one need in one sitting? It seems the land of over-abundance has struck again.

Starbucks = caffeine.

Am I wrong? We all know that Starbucks is the vacation get-away for all things caffeinated. I only know ‘of’ it since I don’t frequent their stores. My coffee drinking repertoire is simpleĀ  and bland, so a mocha-latte-choco-espresso-whipped-not-stirred-slightly-steamed-with-ice phenomena still escapes me.

It seems that we not only need as much variety as possible in our coffee-diet, but we need more of it. Lots and lots of it to be frank. It seems that the latest serving size offered by the coffee-bean connoisseur is also a wine lover of sorts?

The ‘Trenta’ serving size cup holds the equivalent fluid amount in a bottle of wine. Yes, you can drink an entire bottle of wine.. err coffee in one serving.

I guess my question to all my fellow caffeinated colleagues is why? In what scenario would we NEED to carry around that much coffee in one trip/station/sitting?

I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to coffee, or the caffeine, or the taste, or something. I really don’t know what, I just know I can down some serious coffee while I’m at work (or at home if we’re laying it all out on the table).

But I can’t see myself needing / wanting / utilizing this new serving size in any capacity of my day. First of all you have a full bottle of wine.. sorry coffee. You have OVER 750 ml of coffee in your hand. According to the graphics I’ve seen Trenta cups actually holds 916 ml!!

916 ml!

So you either drink a lot of coffee very fast, or you have a cold cup of coffee by the time you actually drink all of it.

The ramifications of this have a type of domino effect. Do you remember the suggestion I made about over eating? Psychology experts have suggested that when using a smaller plate / bowl you actually will subconsciously eat less. Eating less will curb the excess calories.

So what do you think this gargantuan sized serving of coffee is doing? It’s subconsciously convincing you that you not only need to finish the entire amount in the cup, but that you actually need that much coffee in one serving!

I’m not disputing the positive or negative health effects of coffee. That’s been discussed at great lengths lately, and there still is no definitive answer. What is definitive is the idea of ‘everything in moderation’. Moderation is the key to maintaining a healthier you.

How much ‘moderation’ is in this Trenta cup?

Things that make you go hmm.

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4 Responses to A glutton for caffeinated punishment

  1. Marcy

    Often times I buy my coffee on the way to work and then hit the floor ‘running’ I can’t remember how many times I am finishing my cold coffee after lunch. I also don’t have time to go get more but the ‘mocha grande’ I drink is equally as good cold as it is hot. I keep it covered and drink it all day. I would probably love a Trenta. I find I don’t drink as much coffee as work as I do at home because 1-I am busier, 2-I don’t like the flavor/availabilty of coffee on my unit.

  2. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ Marcy Thanks for sharing.

  3. When I worked ICU, I was entirely too busy for that. It was difficult for me to slug down a 20 ounce cup of coffee before and during report. I don’t drink hot coffee that has turned cold, generally. My comment is , “GROSS!” I am currently in Austria. A kleiner, kurzer kaffee is a very small, VERY strong jolt of java. It is my new preferred way of getting a coffee buzz in the morning.

  4. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @rhonda I would prefer a ‘shot’ as opposed to 916ml!! LOL