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Candace Finch, BSN, RN is an orthopedic and bariatric nurse. Candace began her nursing career after the age of 40 and recently completed her BSN from Empire State College Distance Learning. She is a firm believer that it is never too late to reinvent yourself. As a mother of two children with Type 1 Diabetes, she has learned that whatever God gives you can be used to benefits others. She enjoys quiet time with her husband and family, reading non-fiction books, listening to contemporary Christian music and traveling with her daughter to Disney World.

5 ways you can get kicked out of nursing school

5 ways you can get kicked out of nursing school

Ever heard of a nurse going rogue? Neither have we. Thankfully nursing school weeds out the ones who think they can bend the rules. Here are five examples.

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Is your hospital unit haunted? Do you believe in ghosts?

I don’t know if all nurses are superstitious, but I’ve arrived at a number of beliefs about spirits. Do you agree, nurses?

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5 breakroom discussions to avoid like the plague

Read this list before you end up suffering from a serious case of Foot-In-Mouth Disease. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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5 reasons you always “end up last”

Here are five big things that can eat up your time during a shift—and what you can do about it to stay on an even keel.

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Tips for overcoming age biases

Whether you’re a fresh-faced new grad or an experienced nurse over 45—it’s no fun being passed over for a job based on the way you look. Here’s some advice.

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Workplace violence: Tips for staying safe

Unfortunately, dealing with volatile patients (not to mention families), stressed-out coworkers and hot-headed doctors come with the territory of being a nurse. So what can you do to stay safe?

How to survive working a double shift

How to survive working a double shift

We all love the extra cash, but are doing doubles causing you to burn out big time? Get our tips.