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About Lost on the Floor

The nurse blog Lost on the floor: Tales of a (not so new) nurse has become one of the most widely read (and enjoyed) nurse blogs on the Web. It is authored by “Wanderer,” a Charge Nurse on a busy Telemetry unit somewhere in metro Portland. He reads, writes, cooks and is a passionate bicycle commuter.

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Medicine like it’s 1699

Could “demonic possession” be a real diagnosis? And is there a cure??

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Diagnostic uses of cigarettes and a Hershey bar

We all need a little chocolate now and then. But have you ever used a chocolate bar to check a patient’s temp?

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Naked time

Something about hospitals encourages patients to go au natural.

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Fun with electronic charting

Ah, typos! Mis-clicks make entertaining reading for everyone. What do you think?

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9 free apps every nurse should download

Here are essential apps for nurses who love their iPhones but don’t love spending a lot of money on the extras.