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Will the real nursing shortage please stand up

The hospital nursing shortage as we had come to know and expect has surprisingly trickled to a near halt in the slow economy, according to health policy journal, Health Affairs: “While we expected an increase in employment, we were surprised […]

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Real nurses bed pan ‘Nurse Jackie’

The New York State Nurses Association this week requested that Showtime add a disclaimer to the end of its new show, Nurse Jackie in hopes of protecting the image of real life nurses. “I almost fell out of my chair when I saw ‘Nurse Jackie.’ What are my patients going to think when they see that?”

‘Nurse Jackie’ premieres in NYC

The Red Apple rolled out the red carpet last night for the premiere of Showtime’s New York-based medical comedy drama, Nurse Jackie.  The controversial show however, is being received with much less fanfare from real life nurses.  Nurse Jackie, which […]

Fearless school nurse recognized for reporting Swine Flu

Mary Pappas, school nurse, has been applauded by the National Association of School Nurses and nursing professionals throughout the country for her role in reporting the first outbreak of swine flu in the U.S., according to the New York Times. […]

High school nurse is first link in Swine Flu discovery

Today the New York Times reports the instrumental role that New York City nurses have played in the detection of the swine flu epidemic: The detective story involving St. Francis began with a school nurse, who called the city’s school […]

Nurses sue for skipped meals

A class action lawsuit has been filed by 700 workers from University of Pittsburgh Medical Center hospitals and West Penn Allegheny Health System for unpaid wages related to overtime work and skipped lunch breaks. The two health systems “have systemically […]

Are print scrubs just for the pediatric floor?

Are print scrubs just for the pediatric floor?

As I was shopping in the dairy aisle, a little boy of about 4 years of age walked up to me, hugged my legs and would not let go. It was very sweet. I assume he was attracted to my scrubs.

In nurses we trust

Online Nursing Careers takes a timely look back at the 2008 annual Gallup Honesty and Ethics poll which ranked nurses #1 for the seventh year in a row as the most trustworthy profession. On the other end of that spectrum […]

“I accidentally pulled out your IUD…”

Salon’s Broadsheet featured a story recently about a New Mexico nurse who may or may not have deliberately removed a patient’s IUD because of a personal belief that “they cause abortions.”  The article reminds us that the “provider conscience” rule […]

Healthcare – the last bastion of jobs?

Workforce Management magazine reports that the last bright spot in this employment environment may well be health care jobs. “While the rest of the economy posted rates of joblessness not seen since 1993, health care continued to expand its workforce […]