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Patricia Harman, CNM, has published in the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health and Journal of Sigma Theta Tau for Nursing Scholarship as well as in alternative publications. She is a regular presenter at national midwifery conferences. Her first book, "The Blue Cotton Gown" (Beacon / 7291-2 / $16.00 pb), was published to acclaim. Harman lives and works near Morgantown, West Virginia, and has three sons.

Nursing a marriage: Married to the doctor

Nursing a marriage: Married to the doctor

“Working with your husband is a delicate dance, more boogie than ballet.”

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Stories of a nurse midwife: Patient Akilah

The woman sitting next to me, who looks to be in her late thirties, smiles and asks again, “You don’t remember me do you? It’s been a long time. You delivered my first baby when I was fifteen.”


Stories of a nurse midwife: Patient Jasmine

When I enter Room 2, the lights are off. This surprises me, but in the gloom I catch sight of a young woman stretched out on the exam table. “Hello. Are you OK? I’m going to turn on the lights […]

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