Sara Beth Furey, RN, BSN, CPN

About Sara Beth Furey, RN, BSN, CPN

Sara Beth Furey, RN, BSN, CPN is a nurse and professional writer. Her unique educational background consists of a BSN from Indiana University (IUPUI) and a BA in both English and biology from Butler University. Writing pursuits have sent her foraging for wild edibles, exploring auto repair shops to learn about “hubside manner” and investigating countless other topics. Past publications include magazine articles as well as educational materials.

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The nurse’s guide to dealing with dangerous driving conditions

Whether the weather be fair or foul, we nurses are expected to show up to work reliably. Here’s how to handle the perilous conditions nurses sometimes face on their commutes.

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From prudent professional to smart shopper: the nurse’s advantage

Does your grocery bill prompt you to tears? It turns out nurses’ schedule and specialized skills give you an advantage in the store…find out how!

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The nurse’s guide to budgeting

If you are intimidated by creating a budget or just don’t know how to start, check out these easy steps specifically for nurses.

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Car clinic: on getting optimal hubside manner

As a nurse, you have an advantage when it comes to car care. Talk to the technician as you would a physician. Here’s how to get the most out of your auto repair

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