The Nursing Inspiration Project

About The Nursing Inspiration Project

Joanelle Mulrain is an artist, photographer and writer whose recent works include a special suite of paintings to honor Florence Nightingale for the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum (Jacksonville, Fla.). For this special series, Mulrain researched what inspired Florence Nightingale to become a nurse and translated her inspirational points of light into her paintings (for more on the exhibit, go to This journey broadened into a blog—The Nursing Inspiration Project—which asks nurses to share their stories in 1,000 words or less about why they chose nursing as their life’s work. Be a part of this important project and submit your story at

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Why I became a nurse: Anna’s story

To this day, I can’t pinpoint the moment, the experience, the real reason for going into nursing. And each time I explore it, I discover new insights.

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Why I became a nurse: Steve’s story

By working in emergency rooms, ICUs and then various specialty units, I have had the privilege of sharing my patients’ joys and sorrows in their situations with healthcare.

The nursing inspiration project: William’s story

First a bouncer, then a body guard, then a police officer. The final straw came when he testified in a capital murder trial…he knew in his heart it was time to take a different path.

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