Beat the heat – scrubs style quiz

Are you trying on new scrubs styles this summer or are you turning to your old wardrobe favorites? Is practicality at the forefront of your mind when you select your work outfit for the day? Or does the chance to mix it up a little with fashionable scrubs excite you? We’ve put together a quiz to unlock your summer scrubs style personality.


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One Response to Beat the heat – scrubs style quiz

  1. Deborah Wathen

    I have been bullied by many managers, supervisors. My hubby says it’s because I’m short. I guess that makes it easier to look down at me and tell me how I screwed up. As recent as the manager I’m working with now, his attitude is if you do something different than how he does it, no matter what then you have to be an idiot. I am so tired of inept managers who treat us like this. And it lowers morale and affects everyone in the department. When I finely stood up and said I was tired of the treatment, I was told how dare I cop an attitude. What’s ok for them isn’t ok for me. Not! I have decided to report the hostile treatment. Hopefully it will help the attitudes change.