“Biggest Losers” – The nurse edition!


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The mega-hit NBC reality series The Biggest Loser, which features obese contestants in a weight-loss competition, has captured the attention of audiences from coast to coast.

Included in those who have been paying attention are the pediatric oncology nurses at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, who launched their own version of The Biggest Loser contest in January 2008.

Beatriz Rozo, advanced practice nurse in Pediatrics, took the plunge with this special 12-week wellness program and is thrilled to be a “big loser.” Read all about her personal challenges and diet tips to help you get motivated in 2010.

Profile #1: Beatriz Rozo, advanced practice nurse in Pediatrics

Weight Lost: 10 pounds

Inspiration: She was inspired to enter the contest for two reasons: 1) to adopt a healthier lifestyle that included changes she could maintain over the long run; 2) she and her husband would be going on an anniversary trip at the end of November, and she wanted to drop some pounds before getting in a swimsuit.

Diet Tips: She owes much of her success to her change in diet. “Drink lots of water and limit what you eat for dinner.”

Biggest Challenge: Her biggest challenge has been changing her meal schedule to include lots of smaller meals during the day. Given her hectic schedule in the clinic, it’s sometimes hard to fit in multiple smaller meals. However, she says planning ahead and bringing snacks to store at her desk or in the staff refrigerator has helped.

Beatriz Rozo

Beatriz Rozo

Stay tuned for inspirational words from Paula Garroutte, pediatric oncology nurse at M.D. Anderson (who lost 50 pounds by participating in the Biggest Loser contest!), and also tips for your nurse team to lose weight together in 2010.

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2 Responses to “Biggest Losers” – The nurse edition!

  1. Nicole, RN

    I have often felt that those of us who preach healthy eating and weight control- nurses- so stringently should be practicing it ourselves. What a great article and great inspiration for those nurses who could stand to lose a little weight and need the motivation to do so. At my hospital, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the hospital as a whole implemented a “Strong for Life” program where you can log in and track your calories eaten, track your exercise regimen, and get rewards for doing so through the facility. Over the past year they have traced how many pounds the hospital has lost as a whole and the numbers are astounding. I am a firm believer that peer pressure does not end when you graduate high school, it is a lifelong process that impacts your life endlessly. I always get more motivated to work out when I have a partner to encourage me. Also, the idea about less donuts and more healthy food is something that all units can strive towards. I know you can’t always control what the families bring to the nurses’ station but we can control what we entice each other with. I’m very proud of these women in the article and hope they provide inspiration for others as well.

  2. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    Way to go Beatriz! Awesome work!