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Blue scrubs that won’t give you the wardrobe blues

Blue seems to be one of the most commonly chosen colors for hospital dress codes. Requiring all nurses to wear the same basic color has the potential to take uniformity to the point where it drowns out personality. This doesn’t have to happen! Scrubs designers offer plenty of styles that meet dress code requirements for blue without being blah. Here are a few top picks.

Square Neck Top

Blue Jean Baby

This lightweight denim scrubs top is part of Dickies’ New Blue collection. All the top stitching, tucking and pleating around the square neckline adds texture and draws attention up to your face. This top is available in both light and dark blue washes. You can match these with Dickies’ pintuck pocket pant in the same fabric and shade. This scrubs bottom has a short side vent just above the hem to flare out over shoes without looking too “Western.”

Pintuck Pocket Pant

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