Comment of the week: My scrubs are part of the treatment plan


It’s sad that some people pushed the dress code too far by wearing objectionable garb. I like to think of my colorful and whimsical patterns as part of the treatment plan. When a person is looking at my jacket to find a picture of her dog, she is not thinking about the shot I am preparing to give her. It is an icebreaker and a conversation starter. Distraction therapy. So sad to have to go back to plain solid colors.

RosieO on Why dress codes for nurses are making a comeback

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One Response to Comment of the week: My scrubs are part of the treatment plan

  1. jas

    I like to start a conversation with my patients for distraction with IVs. For the older patients, I ask questions about the “old times”. When I finish, they’re usually like “You’re done? I never realized you started.” As for the scrubs, I wish we could go back to the print scrubs. I’ve had pts tell me that was a bright spot in their stay, waiting to see what the nurse was wearing that day.