Common nursing phrases you’re tired of

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You’ve heard them before: patient complaints, whining doctors and every excuse in the book. You joke about them with fellow nurses, recount them with your friends and significant others, and roll your eyes as you hear the same phrase for the millionth time.

Nursing is a crazy profession in which no one shift is quite like any other. But through it all there are common patient requests, excuses and nursing phrases that never change. Unfortunately, these overused phrases aren’t going away anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make fun of them.

Check out these common nursing phrases that are never going out of fashion, no matter how corny, cheesy, or tacky they are.

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4 Responses to Common nursing phrases you’re tired of

  1. acey

    NEVER say “I’m sorry to wake you”. It is part of a doctor’s job to field phone calls regarding patients in the middle of the night. They knew what they were getting in to when they signed up for med school.

    A doctor that is consistently rude when called needs to have a chat with management about his attitude. My facility has a professional conduct policy. It is a rare occurrence, but physicians HAVE been let go due to their unprofessional attitude.

  2. lsanchez

    Too bad the professional conduct policy doesn’t apply everywhere. i’ve worked with dr.’s that are allowed to curse at staff, belittle, and staff split and NOTHING was EVER done.

  3. Amy

    Oh oh oh! MY peeve, is not from nurses, but from patients or patient families “….while you’re in here could you take me to the bathroom?” OR the ever power of suggestion family members : ” mom/dad, while she’s in here do you need to go to the bathroom?” I know we are there to help, but sometimes it’s tough when we have three calls waiting for us and the patient or family hears the beeper going off, but “can’t wait” for the tech to help or give me a few minutes to tend to the other needs then come back. bc nine times out of ten I get this while I’m doing med pass. I work ortho, moving is always a slooooooow process. The crux of the issue here.

  4. JMOKC

    When males luridly ask for a sponge bath or to be catheterized, who are perfectly able to care for themselves, I ask them if they’re ready. If they salivate, I say, “ok, I’ll send the male CNA in right away”. If they have ulterior motives, they cancel immediately, loudly, and urgently. Otherwise, I know they just need normal care.

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