Sharon Samulonek

RN of Trinity Health - Minot

Read more about Sharon Samulonek, RN of Trinity Health - Minot at the DAISY Foundation Website.

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Sharon was vigilant when I was in labor back in September 2012. She sat next to my bed and held the fetal monitor on my stomach so I could sleep, our little on would swim away from the monitor and set it off, the stink pot! Then when she had to move on to other duties she made a "extra" set of hands on it with quite a few pillows. She meant the world to me during that extensive 43 hours labor by having what most medical personnel lack these days, care, compassion, remembering that patients are human beings with feelings. I am sure so e of the nurses I had dreaded to enter my room, and It left me feeling like I was scared to request something. But she never did. She made me feel like I was the most important person in the world. Thank you, Sharon!
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