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Four Sundance documentaries nurses will love

We spent some time last week scoping out a ton of new movies at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT. Of course, we were thinking of you while we were there! We know you’ll love these four fantastic documentaries that touch on the field of medicine in some way.



When I Walk
On a family vacation in 2006, 25-year-old Jason DaSilva was at the beach with his family when he suddenly fell and couldn’t get back up. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which can lead to loss of vision and muscle control, along with many other problems. To help keep his spirits up and follow his love of filmmaking, Jason turned the camera on himself, and began filming the slow decline of his body and the things it taught him along the way. “Skilled direction and an indomitable spirit make a filmmaker’s personal journey with multiple sclerosis inspiring without being maudlin,” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Fire in the Blood
In the late 90s/early 2000s, Western governments and pharmaceutical companies blocked low-cost antiretroviral drugs from reaching Africa, a known AIDS-stricken region. This led to ten million or more unnecessary deaths, causing an improbable number of people to strike back. Check out the trailer and learn more about the film here.

Life According to Sam
Two doctors–Leslie Gordon and Scott Berns–fight to save their only son from a rare and fatal aging disease known as progeria, for which there is no cure. The Hollywood Reporter says, “Directors Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine have fashioned an informative, emotionally uplifting saga of the powers of optimism and persistence in the face of the cruelest odds.”

After Tiller
A personal favorite from the festival, this documentary tracks–with unprecedented access to their work and lives–the sole four doctors in the United States who still provide third-trimester abortions. This, of course, in the wake of the chilling 2009 assassination of a fellow in their field, Dr. George Tiller. The premiere featured something never before seen at the festival: armed guards, metal detectors and a somber mood. Almost as stirring as the doc itself.

These films will be out in theaters later this year. What are your all-time favorite medical movies?


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