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Gifts nurses could REALLY use

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Pens that don’t work? Socks that cut off your circulation? Cheap key chains? Yep, those sound like some Nurses Week gift failures to me!

I have some suggestions for gifts I think every nurse would appreciate for Nurses Week. Here are two major ones (you can thank me later!):


A real lunch break

  • You know, the kind of lunch break that involves leaving the nursing unit, or even leaving the premises all together. The kind where you actually taste your meal instead of inhaling it on the go. Maybe even a full hour-long lunch so we could enjoy the food we eat and take our time getting back on shift.

IOU: A time out

  • A certificate that allows you the ability to just call a time out. I’m talking stopping everything, putting your hands in the air and taking a “Calgon moment.” No explanation necessary, just produce the IOU. We should be able to use this IOU whenever the need arises. You could even put an expiration date on it, although I doubt it would take long to use this one up.

Here are a few more random ideas for gifts:

  • A valet ticket for parking
  • A free lunch (or more than one)
  • IOU: One time you get to leave work early
  • IOU: One time you get to come to work late
  • IOU: One request for a new pot of coffee be made (when the pot is empty)
  • IOU: One admission paperwork completion
  • IOU: A free breakfast

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always appreciative of the recognition, but I think if we’re going to celebrate all things nursing, then the gifts should be worth the year-long wait!!

Any other suggestions? What would be a great gift for you this Nurses Week?

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Sean Dent

Sean Dent is a second-degree nurse who has worked in telemetry, orthopedics, surgical services, oncology and at times as a travel nurse. He is a CCRN certified critical care nurse where he's worked in cardiac, surgical as well as trauma intensive care nursing. After five years practicing as an RN, Sean pursued and attained his Masters of Science in Nursing. Sean currently practices as a Board Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP-BC) in a Shock Trauma urban teaching hospital. He has been in healthcare for almost 20 years. He originally received a bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sport Science where he worked as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC).

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6 Responses to Gifts nurses could REALLY use

  1. Karenf54 RN

    Anything would be better than not even being acknowledged! I work for 2 different agencies & neither one of them so much as sent a card or email.

    • neonghost7 Student

      I appreciate you. :) Thanks for everything you do and thank you for working so hard.

  2. GigiRN RN

    This is a great post. I always feel terrible when people aren’t recognized.

    I remember working for a National Corporation, multi-billion dollar corp. in healthcare…and for nurse’s week, they had a giant box in the breakroom…filled to the brim with plastic junk in clear plastic bags (from Taiwan) and were to go to the box and select our gift. We could choose a plastic phone (none of them worked), a plastic calculator (50% worked) or plastic headphones.

    A giant box of junk…that’s all we meant to them. In the meantime, our CEO that year earned 17 million in salary with an additional 17 million in bonus. As far as I know, that box of junk is still in the breakwork…or perhaps it’s clogging up a landfill somewhere by now. It was a mockery. The next year we got pizza for lunch…but only if you happened to be working that day. If it was your day off, you were off ill or on vacation…you got a big, fat nothing. I hated that company!!! They are still around….

  3. moyemel

    Here’s a great idea! You can give it any time of year to your nurse/friend – a book series written for nurses entitled “The Traveler: In the Beginning.” It’s the first in a series that will follow a traveling nurse (Bethany) to different locations where strange/scary things are occurring. This is the first book, the second will be out near the end of the year (2012)
    Also in a few months will be a book on sepsis written for nurses entitled “Winning the Fight Against Sepsis – What Every Nurse Should Know.”
    We nurses love to read, and having a book written by a nurse, for nurses should be quite entertainging!
    Both books are available on Amazon, Dogear, Borders, and Kindle.

  4. ASAPainted

    Here is a great gift to get for your current nurse or a newly graduating one!!! Check out this website for handpainted nursing clogs as well as designing your own or painting on scrubs or shoes you already have!!!

  5. susiqblue

    sean, I really like some of your ideas!! I am tired of the pens, keychains and lately with cut backs, cookie day. Of course we love cookies, but at the same time, we are being reminded to eat healthy and gain extra points towards our insurance if we lose weight. So whose bright idea was that??lol. Sounds like a catch 22 situation, right??