Good news/Bad news: Nurse wrongly jailed, you can help

Courtney Bisbee in Happier Times -

There’s good news and there’s bad news. Which do you want first? Here’s what happened this week in news for nurses.


A former Arizona nurse has been in jail for seven years for something that she didn’t do, according to the prosecution’s star witness during the 2006 trial. Courtney Bisbee was convicted of two felonies for “touching” then 13-year-old Jonathan Valles at the Arizona school where she worked as a nurse. But Valles’ brother Nik has said that his mother Janette forced him and his brother to lie during the trial, in hopes that she could make money by suing the wealthy school district where both Valles brothers went to school.


Nik Valles and his father Gene have set up a petition on asking for a new trial for Bisbee. He says that there is no physical evidence against Bisbee, that she passed a polygraph test and that he and other witnesses in the cases already have recanted their testimony.

You can view the petition here.





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One Response to Good news/Bad news: Nurse wrongly jailed, you can help

  1. Granny RN RN

    This case along with the one against Amanda Trujillo, RN makes ARIZONA really stink as a place for Nurses to work!
    Does that State have an ‘overabundance’ of qualified nurses? It appears to be so.
    If AZ doesn’t WANT their nurses-send them back EAST! We NEED their experience, knowledge and expertise!