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James Madison University


800 S Main St
Harrisonburg, VA 22807 (Map)

School Facts

  • NLNAC Accreditation
  • CCNE Accreditation
  • Online Program


Course requirements for applicants:
To be considered for full admission to the nursing major, you must:
Have earned a cumulative GPA of at least 2.800 as verified by your academic record
Complete 36 academic credits by the end of the fall semester (to be considered for the following fall) or by the end of spring semester (to be considered for the following spring).
Complete the following nursing pre-requisite courses (or approved equivalents) with a grade of

Experience required for residency/new grad programs:
There are financial resources designed specifically for nursing students. Institutional Scholarship and Loan Programs: Hospitals and other institutions often offer monetary assistance to students in return for a work commitment following graduation. These are excellent offers if you know where you would like to work. Contact institutions you are interested in directly and ask about programs for nursing students. Most of these programs fund only the junior and senior years. Federal Loan Programs: Excellent federal loans specifically for nursing students are available at a low rate of interest. No interest is payable while in school and for nine (9) months post-graduation. Repayment can be deferred or canceled depending upon employment following graduation. Eligibility depends on your financial need status. The financial aid office has applications. Whitehead Scholarships: The Whitehead Foundation provides significant money annually to the JMU Nursing program for distribution to students with financial need. It is need-based as determined by the Financial Aid Office, and you must file a financial aid form with them. Eligibility requires that you be from designated southern states. If you qualify on the basis of geography and financial need you will automatically be considered for this award. Military Scholarship and Loan Programs: All branches of the military (Air Force, Army, Navy, and ROTC) offer programs for nursing students. Contact the branch of your choice if you want to explore these programs. The Nursing Department has informational materials and phone numbers for contact.

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