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Here comes the sun: Yellow scrubs ideas for spring and summer

Sunny, lemony, bright canary—there’s just something about yellow that makes you feel optimistic. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to wear this color in scrubs. Here are three ways to use yellow in your work wardrobe.

Color Combinations

skechers uniforms faux trousers

Skechers faux trousers

One of the great things about yellow is that it plays well with others. This means there are lots of color combinations you can use in solids or prints. Try a pale yellow scrub top with chartreuse green faux-trouser scrub pants from Skechers. To combine yellow with purple or lavender, choose a warmer shade. For a knockout combination featuring royal blue, pick a yellow that is almost gold.

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One Response to Here comes the sun: Yellow scrubs ideas for spring and summer

  1. Alan

    I love wearing bright colored scrubs, (hello manufacturers!!! not all of us guys want to wear only navy, black, grey, or hunter green) The bright cheerful colors always lift my mood and I get LOTS of compliments from patients and family members as well as co-workers. Bring on the colors!!!