How do I deal with a bullying coworker?

As children, we all had to deal with bullies. And now that we’re all grown up, we still have to deal with bullies. Yes, life can be cyclical, and in this instance it can certainly be unfair.

Bullying can be physical or verbal. Either way, you don’t have to stand for it.

Here are tips for dealing with a bully:

1. Document the bully’s actions. Write down the things she said. Take note of her actions. There is power in information.

2. Stand up to the bully. Confront her, but don’t stoop to her level. Tell her that you won’t put up with her behavior. Try and get her to take a frank look at her bullying ways.

3. Go to a supervisor. Bring your documentation. If it’s a supervisor who is the bully, go to a higher authority.

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2 Responses to How do I deal with a bullying coworker?

  1. Granny Rene, RN x 35 yrs

    Unfortunately in most Southern states nurses are NOT represented in these matters by a union or collective bargaining unit. I have experienced ‘bullying’ by nurses much younger and less experienced who wanted to climb the ladder and perceived me as a threat. (I know what I can do and fear no man/woman).
    Recently I noted that an actual BOOK has been written for the nursing profession on this very subject. It should be required reading in every institution for managers, senior staff and new nurses.
    Unfortunately, I have had no luck presenting documentation of any event or confronting any of the management ‘bullies’ and have left 2 jobs after age 45 due to it. Not worth the stress.
    These people are VERY crafty and will ‘set up’ a target to take a fall while protecting themselves.

  2. Anonymous

    My brother-in-law is a nurse in one of the hospitals in England. He made mention that his friend experienced being bullied most of the time. He gave her an advice almost exactly the same as what you advice in here. She report the incident to the Supervisor and my brother-in-law is the witness. That co-worker was reprimanded and was assigned to the other hospital.