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How to further your education while keeping your job

iStock | Inga Ivanova
iStock | Inga Ivanova

If you’re working full-time but thinking about going back to school, you might be worried you can’t do both.

While most of us can’t afford the luxury of putting a job on hold while we hit the books, that shouldn’t deter you from continuing your education–especially if you’re thinking about heading in a different direction and need a new degree.

One of the fabulous guest bloggers over at The Nerdy Nurse has four tips for pulling off school while you work. Here are the first two:

Tip: Get Your Employer on Board
For nurses, it’s often a good idea to inform your employer that you’re working on obtaining a master’s degree in nursing. Many hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations offer assistance in paying for continuing education. If you can get this kind of assistance, it can take off some of the financial pressure and allow you to focus on your studies.

Tip: Organization Will Set You Free
One of the most important things you can do when pursuing a master’s degree in nursing is to create a schedule and stick with it. One of the main sources of stress for working students is not knowing when everything is going to get done. Having a schedule helps take away some of that stress. Make sure to give yourself a little extra time until you know how long tasks will take and don’t pack your schedule too tight.

To see the other two tips and get some other advice about heading back to school, check out The Nerdy Nurse. Have questions or advice about furthering your education? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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The Nerdy Nurse

Brittney Wilson, RN, BSN, also known as The Nerdy Nurse, is a Clinical Informatics Specialist practicing in Georgia. In her day job she gets to do what she loves every day: Combine technology and healthcare to improve patient outcomes. She can best be described as a patient, nurse and technology advocate, and has a passion for using technology to innovate, improve and simplify lives, especially in healthcare. Brittney blogs about nursing issues, technology, healthcare, parenting and various lifestyle topics at

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3 Responses to How to further your education while keeping your job

  1. breehat

    Is this advice only for those who want to take Master’s? What about LPN to RN? Employers are open with that ?

    • I think this is a good rule to apply if you are going from RN to LPN as well.
      If this allows you move up then this may allow them to ensure you will have the position you want once you get your RN. It’s also nice to let them know before hand if you plan on working elsewhere. Most employers are really understanding and supportive about this and will even work with your schedule if you classes require it.
      If the are not, well, it’s a good think you are advancing your education so that you can get out of there!

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