Test yourself! A fun quiz on healthcare acronyms

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ACCS, CPR, HIPAA…nursing is full of acronyms that you may or may not be expected to know. Can you sort through your healthcare ABCs?

HIPAA stands for:

ME stands for:

CRNA stands for:

PAS stands for:

NICU stands for:

N.D. stands for:

UCC stands for:

SDS stands for:

PRN stands for:

GME stands for:

ATD stands for:

OPD stands for:

RN stands for:

ICU stands for:

CPX stands for:

FFS stands for:

TH stands for:

PA stands for:

LOS stands for:

IVF stands for:



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3 Responses to Test yourself! A fun quiz on healthcare acronyms

  1. jovette

    thanks.. got new info…

  2. wcawthorne

    OTD RFN….for those of us who take call in the OR….’out the door, right friggin now’

  3. ann

    all these years i worked in a th with gme’s and never knew they had acronyms