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Health Q&A: What if it hurts too much to exercise?

Dear Sean Dent:
This time of the year is always hard to maintain some level of health and fitness – all I wanna do is stay warm and indoors! Besides, I’m so tired from work, and so sore, it actually hurts too much to exercise.

Dear Hurts-Too-Much:

Let’s continue on with my original post: Top 5 Reasons (Excuses) Why Nurses Are ‘Unhealthy’, here are the top 5 reasons I hear from other nurses as to why they aren’t more healthy:

  1. I don’t have the time/ I have no place to go
  2. Smoking helps me relax / I can quit if I wanted to
  3. I’m too tired
  4. My back (or insert your favorite body part) hurts too much
  5. I’m not dieting – I hate dieting

We chatted about reason #3, let’s explore excuse #4: You hurt too much?

Do I really need to explain this one? Why do you think you ache and hurt? Barring any physical ailments, injuries, or diseases that you may have – most body aches and pains are due to misalignment, weakness, and inflexibility. All of which can and will be addressed directly and indirectly by doing some sort of physical activity- ANY type of consistent physical activity.

I personally have enjoyed the fruits of this labor. My back was always aching. Every morning getting out of bed was a chore. I actually used to hate getting out of bed! It hurt too much (LOL). Little did I realize my pain was related to a horrible weakness in my torso – namely my ‘core’. I had the lil pouch of a belly as well as the horrendous posture to go along with it.

Over the past 2 years I have corrected that ‘problem’. My waistline is firm and my core is stable. I no longer wake up to the aches and pains I once had before.

While my example is not a universal problem, the causes of my pain are. Maintaining a balance in your life with health and wellness includes having a sense of balance (literally) with your physical body. When your body is ‘off-balance’ it reminds you, it ‘warns’ you with the telltale sign of pain. Pain in your joints, muscle pain and aches and of course that wonderful tightness and stiffness of inflexibility.

If anything, achieving some sense of balance will at least lessen and even eliminate your pain.

Once again where are the drawbacks to doing ANY amount of exercise?

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4 Responses to Health Q&A: What if it hurts too much to exercise?

  1. michelle ceo L.P.N

    true i just became a nurse, i was a cook,., nurse aid, hard labor jobs. i discoverd the chiropractor, meditation lost 85#, still hurt but it gets better. i never smoked, just lucky i hated the taste. the stress is huge so these little things matter

  2. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ Michelle Thanks for sharing, and congratulations! A great accomplishment.

  3. Laurel Johnson

    I am a nurse and a patient. I struggle everyday with the challenge of working while coping with SLE. I think lupus has made me a better nurse…I have a much better understanding of fatigue and chronic pain. Even though it hurts, I have tried to be more active.I try to make healthy food choices even when I’m so tired that boiling water is too hard! I know we all face challenges but we have to look after ourselves if we expect to be able to care for others. I truly believe that any little thing we can do to get healthier will make a difference. :)

  4. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ Laurel I could not have said it better. Kudos to you, and thanks for commenting!