“I need a hug more than you because…”

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From dealing with overbearing doctors to experiencing heart-wrenching moments, nurses can have some rough days on the job! We asked our Facebook fans to finish this sentence: “I need a hug more than you because….”

Read on to discover the funny, sad and touching reasons why you need a big ol’ hug.

I need a hug more than you because…

I have been on Code Brown alerts all morning!
—Bobbi Smith

I’m six weeks from giving birth and three weeks from the end of my third semester of nursing school.
—Catalina Shope

I am a psych nurse, and if I get a hug, it usually isn’t the comforting kind…. :)
—Wendy M. Ramsdell Gardonyi

My chair just rolled out from under me and I landed on the floor in front of two nurses, a patient, a PA and a rep. So I hurt my tailbone and my pride. And boy does it hurt!
—Tammy-Lynn Voss

I deal with human frailty in the raw on a daily basis.
—Susan Enstad Morris

I am halfway across the country from my young daughter and furry friends on a prolonged travel assignment and haven’t had a hug or kiss since June.
—Terry Olson

I need that hug to hold me up after 13.5 hours on my feet with no lunch break.
—Luanne King

Despite how I feel when I care for my patients, I keep a smile on my face and give my 100 percent attention to them.
—Sharon Lewis Henderson

I work in a locked psychiatric facility and I am my own security (yikes)!
—Jennifer Foley

I need a hug more than you…on second thought, you may need it more, and I’m blessed to have one to spare. Here, have one on me.
—Peppy Mozzani

Why do you need a hug today?

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10 Responses to “I need a hug more than you because…”

  1. Abby Student

    I haven’t even started the semester and I’m already too overwhelmed

    • laner

      Hang in there. It gets better. If your heart is in it! u will be ok

  2. laner

    This is to Catalina Shope. Sweety, u can do it. I was pregnant my second semester in 1990. Scared yes I was. But u know I had a healthy baby girl. C-section! she was footlin breech. I had her 4-17-1991. Graduated with 4.0 in 5/1991. GIRL, u can do it. I am still workin, same place for 21 years. CHIN UP. Smile, Congradulations!

    • laner

      I would love a hug. I work PCU/CPC never have an aide or unit clerk. I do charge, have pts of my own. But I love my job, it is about the people you meet and care for. Love my co-workers, we work together as a TEAM. I STILL need a hug everyday.

  3. killianyinstitut RN

    I’m a psych nurse too Wendy M and my maiden name is Ramsdell. Family from Mass now living in Fl. Not many of us! Sending you a non psych pt hug!

  4. Joyfulnurse67

    Because I just put down an NGT, and I’m trying to rub some of the vomit off onto your scrubs!

  5. hugehpfan47 RN

    I’m 51 days from graduation (thank God) and in a 10 credit hour critical care nursing class….Ye Gads!

    • hugehpfan47 RN

      Why does mine say “RN”??? I must have done something wrong when I signed up?

  6. hospice

    I need a hug cuz my brain hurts from solving hospice issues all day!

  7. carolslee1949

    I sympathize with Tammy-Lynn Voss. I, too fell when a chair rolled out from under me. I broke my left wrist in 3 places, requiring an ORIF, with a bone graft, and carpal tunnel repair for nerve damage. More than my pride was damaged!