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Letter The art of self-expression.

Vital Signs News for nurses on life, style and work.

Scrubs Chic
The Great Dress Code Debate Nurses have gone from white uniforms to anything-goes prints, and once again, what to wear is up for discussion.


Find out more about the Angels in Waiting program.

Read an excerpt from nurse Priscille Sibley's The Promise of Stardust.

Check out all the details on Arlington National Cemetery's two tributes to nurses.

Dazzle your patients with some stethoscope bling!

Get revved up and learn more about Riders for Health.

Tell us your opinion: Free dress versus uniforms mandated by brand?

Check out the Joint Commission's new safety guidelines.

Read about Habibo Haji's inspiring journey.

How Not to Get Hurt at Work Fifty-plus ways to keep yourself healthy...physically, emotionally and spiritually. By Daryn Eller

  • • Avoid Muscle Aches and Strains
  • • Defuse the Situation
  • • Beat Cold and Flu Bugs
  • • Build Emotional Resilience

All About You
Pride and Perseverence An RN reveals the incredible journey that took her from the hills of Somalia to the halls of the Mayo Clinic.
By Habibo Haji, RN

The Healing Power of Nature Heading for the mountains, walking along a beach or gazing at the stars-you tell us that getting outdoors is a great way to put life in perspective

First Person
The Comfort of Words In the tradition of Walt Whitman, Louisa May Alcott and Florence Nightingale, these nurses write about healing and heal by writing.

  • • "Being Lucy" by Emily A. Weston, RN
  • • "How I'm Able to Love" by Cortney Davis, CFCP
  • • "Igloo" by Ayelet Amittay, PMHNP
  • • "Chirality" by Stacy Nigliazzo, RN

Eating Well
Prepacked Snacks Mid-shift pick-me-ups that are as convenient as they are satisfying.

The Lowdown on Higher Ed Getting an advanced degree is a challenge-not an impossibility.

Life in Two Dimensions Dividing her time between nursing and art, one woman finds the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

On the Cover
Habibo Haji, an RN at the Mayo Clinic, in Cherokee Luxe top. Read about her inspiring journey from nomad to nurse beginning on page 28.
Photograph by David Bowman.

First Person
Sometimes a bad day at work triggers a bad night at home. "Being Lucy" explores the emotional fallout.

Eating well
Smart snacks are prepacked...
and anything but ordinary.

All About You
Habibo Haji juggles work at an outpatient clinic with raising three kids.