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Inspirational quotes every nurse should read

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A good quote can lift you up when you’re feeling blue. It can inspire you to reach your goals. It can even make you laugh out loud.

As a nurse (or aspiring nurse!), you probably face obstacles every day – whether it’s helping a patient overcome pain, studying for your boards, or facing off against a doctor. If you need to be reminded why being a nurse is such an amazing experience, take a look at the following quotes for some inspiring words.

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8 Responses to Inspirational quotes every nurse should read

  1. The quotes are great but they way they are laid out is awful. Why aren’t they just all on one page. This is a nightmare to navigate via a mobile device :(

  2. Marie

    I don’t know, as an RN of over 30 years, in various hospital settings, areas, specialties, there is more to be kept in mind than simple slogans. They won’t get you through a shift. Intelligence, knowing what you are doing you are doing in the correct way, self confidence, these are more major factors in keeping RN attrition —people fleeing nursing—down. Its hard and thankless, the pay isn’t all good. The “thank you” of a patient is meaningful, but we all know they’re more likely to write administration or your supervisor over some perceived problem, having to wait for something, and so on.

    This is also coming up to Nurse’s week….wonder if we’ll get those tacky “angel nurse” pins again this year, or a … pen? Its nice to be appreciated. You go to work and do your job because of self integrity, not those little things and, for me, not slogans about how great and loved we are.

  3. see my webpage and business page on facebook. I have been an RN since 1985 and it is the best choice I have ever made. Love to get discussions up on corporate mentality of hospitals and the nurses they employ. How is it working for you?

  4. Walter

    I concur Marie. Having your ego stroked by a patient is awesome, but there is a lot more bitching than stroking. It’s like they think that they are the only person you have to take care of. Doctors get all the glory while nurses do all the work. And don’t even get me going on being mired down in unit BS. Am I a nurse? No, but one comes home to me every morning so I kinda know what’s up. Keep up the good fight & know that what you do is valuable & necessary.

  5. nurul britney

    being a nurse such a holy carrier ever!!! n_n

  6. bernadith awidan

    choosing a nursing profession is not that easy…it requires more effort but its challenging,,,,

  7. mcclain689 RN

    i enjoyed the Inspirational prayers also. Had to copy and paste to get only prayers. Some were wonderful

  8. I wanna share mine:

    “Constant attention by a good nurse may just be as important as a major operation by a surgeon.”

    -Dag Hammarskjold

    “Nursing is not just an ART, it has a heART.

    Nursing is not just a SCIENCE, but it has conSCIENCE.”

    – Anonymous

    “Nursing would be a dream job…..if there were no doctors.”

    -Gerhard Kocher