Is it just me?


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As a nurse – heck maybe for everyone, I spend the majority of my time at work. I have my life outside of work and.. uh…work.

My days of the week are sort of blurred due to working weekends, nights, holidays, etc. I mean, other members of the workforce who get to work the Monday through Friday job can definitely tell when the weekend is approaching simply because they are ‘not’ working – heh heh.

Me and A LOT of nurses out there have to either look at the ‘work’ schedule or refer to the calendar to figure out what day of the week it is! What time of the day it is! What month, etc!

No – I’m not making this up. (Ask anyone who works shift-work).

So why is it when I’m NOT at work – work follows me home?

Let me explain. I find myself at home, or maybe not even physically home. I could be out shopping, running errands, at the gym, going out to eat, etc. I’m physically not at work – but my mind and my body are still at work. Somehow the ‘reflexes’ you have at work don’t know how to shut off.

Is It Just Me?

  • Why do I hear the EKG monitor alarms when I’m home?
  • Why do I hear other ‘work’ noises when things are quiet in my environment? – and why do I look around to turn off the alarm???
  • Why do I hear the call bell ringing when I’m watching TV?
  • Why do I have to remind myself not to answer my house phone the way I answer the phone at work? (and I do this as the phone is at my ear)
  • Why do I eat my food at ‘light-speed’ and ‘vacuum’ in my meal – thinking I have no time to sit and eat?
  • Why do I walk at a running pace when walking through the store?
  • Why do I ‘eyeball’ a nice looking pen someone is using – trying to figure out a way to get me one?
  • Why do I still write a note on the back of my hand -when there is clearly some paper I could be using?
  • Why do I lean down and always seem to put my hand by my chest securing my stethoscope – that isn’t there?
  • Why do I try and guesstimate how much volume I urinate? (Was that at least 30cc’s?)
  • Why do I scoff at all the un-real Hollywood medicine antics I see on TV (Yeah- Like THAT would happen)?

Is it just me??

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21 Responses to Is it just me?

  1. frogeyes10

    So true!

  2. Linda Manous

    Once when I was a very sick patient I “responded” to a Code 99 and awoke headed down the hall, bringing my IV stand with me!

    Even when I’m relaxing I’m multi tasking….

    I’ve even signed checks with first initial, last name and RN

    It’s not just you—I think it’s the breed!

  3. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ Linda OH! I forgot that one – I have signed my name and checks with my initials many a’ times. :)

  4. Erika Rick, RN-BC

    ‘ I still feel a jolt of adrenalin when the overhead page at a grocery store blares “Code 1 aisle 5!”

    ‘ Once when I brought my car into a professional mechanic’s garage I was stunned to see he had a crash cart — why would an auto mechanic need a crash cart?!

    ‘ I write the access date on the labels of all my condiments and the put-in-refrigerator date for meal leftovers.

    ‘ I have a thermometer in my refrigerator and another in my freezer. At least I don’t document daily :-]

  5. Sandra Lafever RN

    I knew I had finally crossed the civilian line mentally to forever nurse professional , when before entering the bathroom at a Walmart I knocked on the door before entering. lol

    I do the “date after opened” with a sharpie on all my condiments too! lol That one just hit me! lol

  6. Sandra RN

    In all reallity if you are hearing buzzers, alarms and bells in your head. You may need to see a doctor. Just a thought!

  7. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ Erika LOL – never thought of the grocery aisle page. Too funny.

  8. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ Sandra It’s amazing the similarities. Yep. I knock on the bathroom door too. And the doctor says I’m fine – *wink*

  9. Suzanne

    Funny you should say that about signing your name. Just today I was signing my name on my tax return and added RN to it!!! Hope the IRS has a good sense of humor LOL

  10. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ Suzanne – I hope they do too!

  11. Try being a live-in for a person who “thinks” on duty 24/7..even tho I DO have set hours which I’m paid for!!

  12. Monica RN

    I do the signing the name thing. I also recently have done the wondering how much urine output I just had. And I do the ‘yeah right’ to medical shows, finding all ther faults.

  13. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ John well that would be interesting

    @ Monica I’m glad I’m not alone! heh heh

  14. Amy Bozeman Scrubs Blogger

    LOL! I heart fetal heart tones wherever I go. Thankfully I’m not dreaming about work right now…

  15. Kat

    A lot of household appliances have alarms, and every one of them sends me looking for ventilators, nebulizers, feeding pumps, pulse oximeters…

    • Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

      @ Kat Hah! Once again I thought it was just me. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Jan

    How true all of the above are! I must refer to my watch it calendar for the rt. day/day, sign everything w/initials & my family thinks I’m the God of diagnostics, lol.7a-7p (usually 0645-2030 or 2100. A poll of my coworkers concluded we all spend our 1st day off going from bed, to couch, fridge, couch, etc. We all need a full day to recoup! So true when I think the phone waking me up is a code!! Thanks for all the giggles!

  17. htarceno RN

    Thank you, Sean. I have done ‘all of the above’

  18. nursebrittany

    I can’t even count the number of times I’ve signed a check with my name, RN! I’ve answered my home phone like I was at the holspital! I’ve awakened countless times to “ventilator alarms” that don’t exsist in the bathroom!

  19. nursebrittany

    I can’t even count the number of times I’ve signed a check
    with my name, RN! I’ve answered my home phone like I
    was at the holspital! I’ve awakened countless times to
    “ventilator alarms” that don’t exsist in the bathroom!