Italian nurse accused of killing 38 patients because they annoyed her

Digital Vision | Thomas Northcut

Digital Vision | Thomas Northcut

Horrifically unbelievable, but true: An Italian nurse has been arrested on accusations that she killed 38 patients because they or their relatives annoyed her.

One of the nurse’s patients died in April after being admitted to a hospital in Lugo, in northeastern Italy, with a routine illness, according to MSN. A postmortem exam showed very high levels of potassium in the patient’s bloodstream.

Police are now investigating 37 more deaths of patients who were in the care of the nurse, 10 of which are being labeled as “very suspicious,” according to the Daily Mail.

Now nurses who worked with the accused nurse are coming forward with stories of her behavior in the hospital, according to the Mail. One said the accused nurse asked to have her photo taken next to a patient who had just died, and another said the accused joked about giving a high dose of potassium to an ill patient.

Prosecutors say that there are difficulties investigating some of the deaths because of the amount of time that has passed.

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One Response to Italian nurse accused of killing 38 patients because they annoyed her

  1. tinathecma

    Feel so sad about the poor victims who were under the care of this nurse. Patients trust us. They trusted HER with their lives and for what? sad simply sad :'(

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