Kennedy due in court on nurse assault charge


Fox News Reporter Douglas Kennedy with Baby

He’s accused of kicking one nurse and shoving another. It’s a heartbreaking fact that violence against nurses is real. Do you think authorities are taking it seriously enough? Watch the timeline video below. Douglas Kennedy at Northern Westchester Hospital: Hospital video shows Douglas Kennedy with his 2-day-old infant on the maternity ward and a nurse hitting the ground as employees attempt to prevent Kennedy from taking the baby from the unit, as per protocol. Video provided by The Taub Law Firm.



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5 Responses to Kennedy due in court on nurse assault charge

  1. laura00seven LPN

    Just another example of someone trying to do their job, and someone from and entitled family thinking they are above the rules! I’m glad he got charged… It probably won’t go anywhere though. But nurses have a responsibility to treat everyone equally and ensure safety for all their patients. If the nurse let him do what he pleased and take the baby wherever, imagine the headlines “Kennedy baby abducted, nurse to blame”. And she would spend however many years in jail. Also interesting is that most of the videos on YouTube relating to this topic have been removed due do “copyright issues”. Interesting.

  2. susankillian RN

    Where I work the nursing staff gets hit and or threatened on a regular basis. Only when a doctor gets assaulted is it taken seriously. We are told if we don’t like it we can leave that without patients we wouldn’t have a job. Would love to see some laws put into place for our safety.

  3. Nurse Rene RN

    Are we all FINALLY sick of the so-called ‘Royal Family’, aka the Kennedys of Massachusetts and their self-entitled importance? So far, in MY lifetime, we have had Ted at Chappaquiddick, RFKs nephew: Michael Skakel convicted of murdering the young next door neighbor and now this incident where the nurses were following not only hospital policy but attempting to maintain a reasonable and expected level of patient safety by attempting to keep Mr. Doug Kennedy from removing a 2 day old baby from the maternity floor. Mr. Kennedy deserves to ‘set an example’ by paying for his misdeeds either with jail time, a significant fine or preferably both!

  4. Nurse Rene RN

    At one local hospital a United States Senator (the new grandpa) walked just a little too far down the hall to show off his new grandbaby. He ‘passed’ through the alarm system which went off when the device which was placed on the baby’s ankle triggered it. Instead of acting ‘fooled up’ (as my favorite CNA used to say) he immediately backed up and handed the baby to the charge nurse. He apologized PROFUSELY and took full and complete responsibility for creating an ‘event’.
    THAT is how a Real Man behaves!

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